Chapter Five

Cruel Fate
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Chaspter Five




Their short weekend at Jeju to hold their mother’s death anniversary finally comes to an end. The five of them will be coming back to Seoul together despite their Uncle Yoonjae and Aunt Segye’s pleas to at least stay for a couple more days to relax.

“Can’t any of you can stay even for the rest of the week? We know Joohyun didn’t get a leave this time but we know that Taeyeon and Sooyeon always have at least one week leave! And don’t get me going with you two young girls!”

“I’m sorry Mom but an important investor from New York will arrive this Wednesday and I need to supervise my team personally.”

“You’re the owner of the company for Christ’s sake! Can’t you even have a short leave to spend it with your parents?”

“Aw mom! But you raised us to be responsible, skipping duties means being irresponsible!”

“Yah Jung Sooyeon!”

Sooyeon kissed her mother’s cheeks to somehow appease the woman.

“I promise to spend time with you and dad on your trip to Seoul next month.”

“You better be young lady!”

“I will mother, I’ll even drag Erika with me!”

“I really don’t like it when you girls use your English names! We gave all of you such beautiful Korean names!”

“I’ve said my goodbye, your turn!”

Sooyeon hurriedly let go of their nagging mother and pulled Taeyeon to calm the elder woman or else all of them will be nagged all the way to the airport.

“I promise to clear all my breakfast, lunch and dinner time to eat with you and uncle!”

Taeyeon gave her aunt a kiss on her cheek as well.

“Me too, auntie. I’ll even cook dinner with you.”

Joohyun came forward next.

“I’ll have my thesis group at our place so you’ll have to feed us by then!”

“Whose daughter are you again?”

Soojung grinned at her mother before giving her a kiss on her cheek as well.

“I’ll make sure to remind all of them about their promise, Mommy Segye!”

“Yah! Kim Yerim!”

“See Mommy they are now shaking!”

“Okay I’ll hand down the reigns on you Yerim, make sure all your unnies are in their best behavior! Report to me asap when one of them misbehave!”

“Yes ma’am!”

Yerim gave their aunt a salute before engulfing her in a tight hug.







They all had just landed at the Gimpo Airport and Taeyeon’s cellphone’s is already blaring.

“Yah Erika Kim what kind of ringtone is that? Is that an ambulance siren?”

“Jessica unnie, that’s her emergency ringtone set for her interns.”

Yerim chuckled at the shocked expression of her cousins.

“You should hear her set ringtone for their chief it’s more disturbing!”

Taeyeon moved away from her sisters and cousins and tried to find a quieter spot.

“Good Afternoon, Dr. Kim, this is Dr. Jeon Sunhwa,”

“What going on, Dr. Jeon?”

“Dr. Kim, we have an emergency patient arriving in 15m. according to 119 report, a female patient, 63 years old found half-conscious with difficulty in breathing and chest pain.”

“When the patient arrives check if she suffered MI and any signs of cardiac failure. Ready the result for me. I’ll be arriving at the hospital in 30m.”

“Copy Dr. Kim.”

Taeyeon pocketed her phone and rushed back to her sisters and cousins.

“Irene can you take care of my bags? I have an emergency at the hospital.”

“We’ll take your things home unnie, just be careful, okay?”

“Okay thanks! I see you all later!”

“Unnie! Don’t forget your promise for next week!”

“I won’t, Katie! Irene, I’ll call you if I’ll be able to go home tonight, so you can pick me up at the hospital! Bye guys!”

“Okay, unnie.”

The four of them was left at the busy airport and could just watch an even busier Kim Taeyeon ran off to her hospital.






Taeyeon wore her lab coat and grab her stethoscope before rushing off to the emergency room. She immediately went to the nurse station to check the files of her emergency patient.

“Dr. Kim!”

“Dr. Jeon, report.”

“Hwang Seunghee, female 63 years old, blood type B+, has history of hypertension, taking a maintenance prescription of 5mg amlodipine and 10mg aspirin daily. Has been showing mild chest pain for the past two weeks and it frequent these past three of four days according to her niece. They were supposed to have

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