Chapter Two

Cruel Fate
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Chapter Two




“Erika, for the hundredth time! please go out on a date I’m trying to set you up! This one is really nice! She’s the bestfriend of a close friend of mine from graduate school and you’re my bestfriend!”

Taeyeon flinched, even though her cellphone was a good few feet away from her, she could still clearly hear her annoying bestfriend’s nagging.

“And for the hundredth time, I also told you that I’m not interested to all the blind dates you’re trying to set me up! And you know how busy I am.”

“My god! That hospital won’t collapse without you for a day! And there are other competent doctors in there! You’re just really trying to piss me off! It’s not like I’m trying to set you up with a psychopath mur—“

A short silence.

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

“I know. I know. And It’s okay.”


Another moment of silence before Taeyeon heard her bestfriend took a deep breath on the other line.

“But seriously Kim Taeyeon… they’re all nice people. If you can’t like them romantically then so be it. But please don’t close the door and window of your heart and life for the person that might spend their life inside it.”

It was Taeyeon’s turn to take a deep breath, she hates it when Sunny uses her Korean name because she knows that her bestfriend only uses it whenever she wanted to get something inside her thick skull.

“Please Taeyeon, this will be the last one for this year, I promise!”

“Okay, fine! But have this blind date next month. You know what is this time of the month for me, for us…”

“I know. And I’m sorry again for being an insensitive bestfriend. I’m just getting restless in your behalf!”

“Over reacting is more appropriate.”


“Set it next month. I promise to attend this one since you promised that it will be the last for this year.”

“Okay fine! Keep and remember you word, Erika Kim!”

“I will, Sunny… I’ll see you soon.”

The call ended and a new message after another and another came in notifying Taeyeon’s cellphone.


One message received:

Jessica Jung

You’re coming home with the girls, right?

Mom, prepared like usual.

Please come home this year.

Taeyeon hit the reply button.

Stop exaggerating,

I only missed last year because of an emergency at the hospital.


Just checking…

I’m already on leave tomorrow.


We will be there the next day, since Yerim still have a class.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school term, right?

Yeah, and Joohyun also still have work.

Her boss only allowed her a two-day leave.

So, we have weekends till we to go back by Tuesday.

But I don’t know the brat’s plan. Just ask her.

Okay, that will do.

Take care, couz…

Gonna check on Katie and Irene now,

Don’t forget to eat!!!

You too… gonna reply to your Mom now.


One message received:

Auntie Segye

Taeyeon ah, can you make it to your mother’s

death anniversary this year? Let me know, if you can.

And please eat well, my dear niece.

Yes, Auntie. I will be arriving with Joohyun and Yerim

our flight is on Saturday morning, we will arrive in Jeju before lunch.

No need to fetch us in the airport please.

We’ll just grab a taxi.

And yes, I’m also eating well. Thank you my dear auntie.

Nonsense, your uncle will fetch you,

Tell me the time of your arrival.

Ah don’t bother, I’ll just ask Yerim

Because I know you won’t tell me.

Auntie… please.


Taeyeon lets out a sight when she didn’t receive a reply from her aunt any more.

She checked the last message on her phone and saw that it was actually an email from an unregistered number on her contacts. She opened the message and as it immediately drained the energy on her body as she continues to read its whole content.

‘I need to call uncle. I need to know what this means…’

“Hello, Taeyeon! I was about to text you but you called which is better! You know how slow I am at texting! I wanted to call first but I thought you will be busy attending to your patients.”

“Uncle, what does this email from the Bureau of Parole and Correction means? What does this have to do with us? It was telling me that… that…”

Taeyeon was obviously panicking with how fast she just hurled those question to her uncle. She didn’t even manage to return a simple greeting to him.

“Yes Taeyeon, it’s as is what the email was written. Heejoon had been granted a Parole due to his exemplary good conduct and behavior at the penitentiary and that the Committee of the Parole Board have found him a changed man and can be granted freedom for the outside world because they believe that he can still be a productive member of the society.”

“It can’t be…”

“Yes… I was supposed to tell you and sister when the three of you arrive but you already received that email.”

“But… What about them…”

“They will also be notified by bureau,”

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