Chapter Nine

Cruel Fate
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Chapter Nine





“Atty. Choi, do we still have any options?”

A young woman wearily looked at the middle-aged lawyer and hope that he can give her a good answer.

“I’m sorry, but it was already final. The summon to meet is only for formalities sake for both side of the families, the accused and the bereaved. I even checked ahead all of Kim Heejoon’s file from all the years he was serving his sentence in hope to find any objection and unfortunately, I found nothing negative on the man. I’m sorry to say this to you but he really turned a new leaf while he was inside the prison.”

The young woman lets out a defeated sigh. She knows that she’s starting to be illogical and being overly demanding to their long-time family lawyer about something she know is quite impossible.

“You have to understand, the Presidential Pardon is not something easy to have and be granted to, every in-mates have to be a hundred percent fully qualified to be a candidate for it before the pardon to be granted. Rigid background checks, physical test and most importantly the psychological test have to be done.”

The young woman felt her eyes starts to get itchy by just listening to their lawyer.

“I just can’t believe all of this is happening…”

“I’m sorry dear, but we have to give our understanding… we all do…”

“Do we need to still face them… him?”

“We’re required to, but it’s up to you and the rest of your family if you still want to face him… if you don’t want to then I’ll just make an adjustment…”

The young woman lets go of one last sigh before looking straight into their lawyer’s eyes.

“Then I wish not to see him again… it’s the only way I think we can move on…”

“Okay, if that’s what you what then so be it… leave everything to me…”





“Good morning!”

Taeyeon greeted her first patient of the day and it’s none other than her recent bypass surgery patient, Hwang Seunghee.

Somehow seeing the bright smile of the elderly woman makes Taeyeon forget her worries for a little while. This family’s smile is really something.

It’s been a week since the elderly’s operation and the latter is recovering really well and it was the most head swirling experience for Taeyeon so far. With her last encounter with Tiffany Hwang, her head was always left in a daze.

“Oh! Indeed, a lovely morning because of my beautiful doctor!”

Taeyeon couldn’t help but blush at the compliment of the older woman who was beaming a huge smile at her.

Or maybe Taeyeon was blushing because of the additional attention she receives because Ms. Hwang’s eldest niece was also smiling along with her aunt.

“Ms. Hwang… you’re flattering me too much…”

“No, I’m not! You are really the prettiest doctor in this hospital but of course my Tiffany here is still the most beautiful… don’t you think my niece is pretty as well, Dr. Kim?”


Taeyeon freeze up, she was baffled by her own answer and it was too late for her to take it back. Because the moment it left , Ms. Hwang was already merrily clapping and when she turned her eyes towards Tiffany Hwang, the younger woman has her head down but the reddening of her cheeks is still visible.

“Uhm, I mean… Uhm… Yes— both your nieces are pretty because you’re just as pretty Ms. Hwang…”

“Awww… you’re too sweet, Dr. Kim! Although I really like it when you call me Miss because it makes me feel so young but I would love it if you’d call me Auntie…”


“Auntie, please stop teasing Dr. Kim or else she might not release you from the hospital!”

“Well, that’s not bad… I will get to see her every day!”


Taeyeon couldn’t help but laugh at the playfulness of her patient, it was really a refreshing start of her always stressful day at the hospital.

“I don’t mind keeping you here, Ms. Hwang Seunghee… makes the place a little livelier…”

Taeyeon played along and gave the older Hwang her best charming smile.

“Awww!!! You should smile like that more often!!! So handsome and pretty at the same time!”

“Thank you, Auntie Seunghee! So… will you please allow me to check if your h

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