Chapter Three

Cruel Fate
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Chapter Three




Taeyeon woke up with the usual throbbing pain in her temple, it was always like this whenever she’ll dreamed about those events in the past. It’s either she’ll woke up to vomit or the throbbing headache or worst the both of it.

She thought she was used to it, but 19 years had already passed and she still can’t barely live without it’s reminder, no matter how tiny or huge those details might be, she still remembered everything.

So she’s thinking now, if she herself is still like that what more it was to them? How about them? Have they already moved on? Did they get used to the life they have for the past 19 years?

Taeyeon breaks into a mocking smile, she wanted to mock her stupid self for even thinking about those possibilities. Because she already knows the answers to her questions.

“There’s no way in hell they’ll be okay after all these years…”

Her attention was caught by the soft knocks on her door, she instantly smiled when she saw Yerim peeking in the small gap first before opening the door widely.

“I brought you warm milk, unnie… and Good morning!”

“Good morning to you too my baby!”

She took the warm glass and took a small sip before smiling in appreciation to her little sister.

“Everything is all set, unnie. Irene unnie already doubled check our bags and tickets and she already booked us a taxi for later. You just have to take a shower and get dress.”

Taeyeon gave a sceptic look at Yerim, silently asking what does she means. Because Taeyeon thinks that their flight to Jeju is still for tomorrow.

“You slept like a hibernating zombie for the past 30 hours, unnie… Irene unnie and I have to check on you every 3 hours just to make sure if you’re still breathing!”


“Really, Oh!?”

Taeyeon was a bit shock. It’s been so long she’s she slept like that. If her memory still serves her right, the last time she went into a hibernating mode was when she was still an intern and have to complete a triple graveyard shift.

‘I guess I’m really too stressed out that my brain just wanted to stop thinking about all of it… but still I end up dreaming about them.’

“And you successfully avoided my wrath, unnie.”

“I’m sorry, Katie… I’ve been really tired these days with all the cases I’m studying at the moment. But now that I’ve slept, I feel fully charged again!”

Taeyeon breaks into a huge grin and hoped that her sister would buy it. But Yerim just silently stared at her. She really hates herself whenever she accidentally or not made her sisters worry about her.


“I’m really sorry for worrying you and Irene. I promise to let the both of you know when I’m too tired to drive and would ask you to drive for me no matter what time it is.”

“That promise is a bit acceptable…”

Taeyeon heard Joohyun’s voice from the door and soon her second sister was standing behind the sitting Yerim.

“Because we will fetch you wherever you are. Stop treating us like babies, we’re old enough to drive you and have soju with you!”

“Yah! Katie Kim! Is that what you’ve doing in the university?!”

“Hahaha no, unnie! But it was Krystal unnie and Joy who went with me when I first got my soju!”


Taeyeon and Joohyun both smack Yerim’s head at the same time.

“Just make sure you drink responsibly, Kim Yerim.”

Yerim gave an exaggerating eye roll upon the mention of her Korean name.

“Yes, yes. I will Kim Joohyun halmoni!”

Taeyeon broke into soft laughter upon hearing that her sister’s mood was slightly getting better, she always like this way more than any other.

“I’m gonna take shower now and get ready. Let’s just grab our breakfast at the airport.”

“Okay, unnie.”

Joohyun and Yerim both answered at the same time. Taeyeon slightly ruffled their youngest hair before gently tapping their second’s cheek.

“I love you both so much,”

“Uh cheesy Erika unnie is awake! Time to escape now!”

Yerim faked a shiver before running out of her room but before running off the latter manage to scream ‘I love you both too!’ which make the two eldest smiled.

“I love you both as well. Taeyeon unnie and Yerimie is my everything.”

Joohyun looked straight into Taeyeon’s eyes with a huge grin on her face.

“Uh you’re cheesier than me!”

“Well… I learned from the best!”

It was Taeyeon’s turn to run away from Joohyun while giggling like a child.

‘Yeah, I love these moments better more than anything else…

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