Chapter Eight

Cruel Fate
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Chapter Eight

In Denial



Yerim was the first to arrive at the restaurant their family frequents to, they spend all the important celebration of their family in this old family restaurant that all the employees already know their names.

“Hi Katie! Your unnie reserve you the usual table.”

The waitress informed her with a welcoming smile.

“Which unnie?”

“The one who looks like angel but cold one…”

Yerim chuckles at the description.

“Hahaha that never gets old!”

“Just don’t tell her that! I don’t want to land my in prison you know!”

“Ha ha ha!”

Yerim roared in laughter.

“How about my other unnie?”

“Ah! The pretty handsome but quiet one! I haven’t seen her lately! I really missed seeing Erika unnie!”

“Hep hep! She’s my unnie! Mine!”

“Ha ha ha! Katie you’re so possessive! How can your unnie ever date or even marry if you and Irene are like that!”

“Hmmp! My unnie is only mine! Anyone who wants to date her need to pass my standard first! Then Irene unnie standard, there’s also Jessica unnie and Krystal unnie’s standard! Hahaha so good luck to that person!”

“Oh god! Your sister will be an old maiden for sure!”

“Ha ha ha… if that happens I’ll take care of her.”

“Poor Erika unnie!”

The waitress excused herself and finally left Yerim when a new customer arrived. Soon the whole restaurant was filled with celebrating families and friend and some lovers as well.

‘I hope that person arrive soon, I swear my standard is not that high. That person just have to make my unnie happy and safe.’

“Hey baby sis! You’re the first to arrive? Has Irene arrive?”

Yerim’s eyes widened in pure shocked, she can’t believe that their eldest sister arrived early for once. And in a better condition?

“Wow unnie! Just wow! You beat Irene unnie in arriving first on a set dinner!”

“I got a slow day, and beside it’s been a while since the three of us had a date like this.”

Yerim smiled at her sister before pulling her in a side hug.

“Hey, you guys started without me?”

“Oh! Irene unnie! You’re here!”

“And unnie is early!”

Yerim turned to give Irene her hug and she watched as her two unnies also hugs each other.

“Let’s order up? Shall we?”

Taeyeon signals the waitress.

“So, why the sudden date night?”

Yerim nonchalantly ask, trying to cover up the nervousness she’s feeling deep in her nerves.

She carefully studies the expressions her two elder sister would make, if they’ll have any expression at all. Because she’s so used to them hiding it so well especially during crucial moments.

“Well… I got some good news to share…”

Joohyun began.

“Oh what is it, Irene?”

“My transfer to the special crime unit at the prosecutor’s office has been finally formalized. I’ll be starting over there next week.”

“Wow, unnie! Congratulations!”

“I’m so proud of you!”

“We should have brought a cake! Why didn’t you tell us in advance, unnie?”

“It’s called a surprise, duh?!”

“Haha… are you trying to be funny?”

“No, just trying to piss you off because I’ll be busy later that I won’t get to piss you off regularly!”


“Hep! Hep! Break away you girls! I’m serving your dinner!”

Taeyeon smiled while watching her bickering sisters. It was these moments that makes her forget everything that weighing her down.

Just seeing and hearing them smile and laugh is enough to make her feel better. If only they could always stay like this but Taeyeon knows that it won’t be for all times. And after she reveal to them the news, she’s sure that those smiles will be wiped off from those lips and no more laughter to fill her ears in a while.

“Unnie, what is it you’re going to tell us? Irene unnie already told us her good news.”

Taeyeon could only give Yerim a small smile.

“How about we eat dinner first? I’m really feeling famished now after watching you two kids fight!”

“Yeah, let’s eat dinner first. Ask later kiddo!”

Yerim quietly shifts her eyes from Taeyeon and Joohyun. Silently weighing the aura her sisters are giving out and can’

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