Compromising and Preparing For the Trip

Bahamas Getaway

Korean BBQ restaurant, noon SiHan and 2Woon
“So we’ve decided to only have us and Henry go because then his brother wants to go and his boyfriend and then his family wants to go with and his brother’s boy’s brother then would want his boy and family to go and I did the math and that would total 15 people,” Siwon says. After a pause, Jongwoon decides to speak.
“Ok. So what’s the plan for his brother?” Jongwoon asks.
“He could go to his boyfriend’s family” HanGeng answered.
“I’ll get ZhouMi to send me his boy’s parents number," Hangeng says
Half an hour later
“Hi, you must be the parents of Henry and Ryeowook. I am Heechul and this is Jungsoo” Heechul says.
“Hi. I am Jongwoon and my husband Youngwoon”  Jongwoon says. Heechul immediately chuckles.
“And I’m HanGeng and this is Siwon,” HanGeng says.
“My husband and I are going to the Bahamas next week with our son. And he wants his boyfriend and parents to go with.” Jongwoon starts.
“But his brother, whom of which is dating your son Kyuhyun won’t be able to. Would you be willing to let our eldest stay with you?” Siwon continues.
“And Kyuhyun’s brother maybe would want to have his boyfriend and family go” HanGeng interrupts.
“Doing the math, that makes 15 people and we can’t afford the whole week next week” Youngwoon finishes.
“Then we could chime in. That way all the boys could be together.“ Jungsoo says immediately
“Are you ok with this?” HanGeng asks.
All agree.
“But that means that I or Heechul has to text Hyukjae’s parents about our plan,” Jungsoo says.
“Go ahead,” Siwon says.

10 minutes later
“Hi I’m Sungmin and this is my husband Donghee. You must be the boys’ parents.” Sungmin says.
After introductions and explaining the domino effect, Donghee and Sungmin both listen to them nodding.
“We were planning a Hawaii trip anyway. So the Bahamas seem better” Donghee says.
“Ok then. So who wants to call Ryeowook?” Jungsoo asks.
“I’ll do it,” Yongwoon says as he gets his phone out. After that was done, they finish their pork.

After school in the garden
“Hey baby,” Henry says. “What up?”
“Let’s wait until KyuMi, EunHae, and Kibum gets here.”
Little by little all 9 boys are in their meeting spot.
As Ryeowook tells their parents’ plan, the boys are looking at him shocked.
“OMG. Wha? All of us?” Hykjae asks.
“Apparently,” Ryeowook answers. "Is everyone in?"
“OF COURSE,” all boys ask except Kibum.
“I didn’t think I needed to ask that.”
“What about me? I am single” Kibum asks.
“Maybe you would be with the adults,” Ryeowook says teasingly as he continues “I’ll tell my dad everyone agrees so operation packing is underway.”

9 pm, the night before the flight to Bahamas(Monday after finals)
2Woon House
“Finished packing?” Jongwoon asks as he barges into Ryeowook’s room.
“Eomma! Knock next time. Yes, I am” Ryeowook answers in annoyance.
“Ok get some sleep. We have to meet everyone by 9:30 for the 10 am flight.”
“Ok eomma.”

Parent's Room
“Don’t forget the sunblock hon” Jongwoon nags.
“Ok mom,” Youngwoon says in sarcasm.
“I’m only our sons’ mom. I’m your husband.
“I was joking sweetheart. The sunblock is on my carry on.”
“Ok. Now let’s get some sleep for the hectic day.”
“Ok, hon.” They kiss.

SiHan House
“Why aren’t you in bed? It’s 9 already” HanGeng sees his sons still up trying to pack the carry-ons.
“Almost done mama,” ZhouMi answers.
“Don’t forget your shower stuff, Henry,” Hangeng says.
“Ok,” Henry says back as he puts his toothbrush stuff in his carry on.
“Night boys.”

Parent's Room
"Baby please bookmark that book,” HanGeng asks his husband.
“Ok hold on. Last sentence.” Siwon bookmarks the page “ok done.” Siwon says as he takes his glasses off and both of them turn the lamps off.
“Love you”
“Love you too” They also kiss.

TeukChul House
“Park Kyuhyun. Not that book. Kibum, not that swim trunks.” Heechul tells his sons. “And Donghae not your running shoes.”
“ ok eomma ok,” all 3 say in unison as Heechul leaves the room.

“Not his 'how to kill his brother' book again,” Jungsoo says in disbelief as he finishes washing up in the bathtub,
“Could you hurry so we could sleep?” Heechul asks,
“Ok hold on almost done. You like?” Leeteuk teases as he sensually lifts both eyebrows. Heechul rolls his eyes,
“You know I do but I always look.”
5 minutes later he is out and dressed.
“Night Heenim.”
“Night Teukie.”They kiss as well.

ShinMin House
“Got everything Mr. I-do-everything-last-minute?” Sungmin asks as Hyukjae jumps into bed.
“I do get that from grandma,” Hyukjae says jokingly. 
“Yeah yeah.”
“Are you and appa packed too?”
“Why you little…”
“Night eomma.”
Sungmin sighs in irritation. “Night son.”

Parent's Room
“I swear this kid hangs with Kyuhyun too long,” Donghee says as he goes into bed with his partner.
“I thought it was when he met Heechul,” Sungmin says.
“Either or. You know I’m just teasing right.”
“(Yawn) let’s sleep. Goodnight my bunny boo.”
“Goodnight honey.” And, drum roll...

They kiss.

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