Bahamas Getaway


It's almost summer, and one SuJu couple is planning on going to the Bahamas for the first week of it, but then the younger child asked the question: please boyfriend and his parents, too?

Yeah, that made chaos. 


I don't know why or how, but the name generator picked this one last, which is coincidentally my favorite Tumblr series so far. You might not like it since I like both OTPs of SuJu: the original and my own, and this story is my own.

I would also like to point out that after this one and it's sequel, there is one more, but it's not quite complete. And this is one of my first ones, so this will make no sense.


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Chapter 6: I love all OTPs, so no problems with that
Chapter 5: Shouldn't you be in the airport 2 hours before your flight?
Chapter 4: Total chaos
Chapter 2: Woah!
Wow never imagined this to be a 2020 fic with these couples!!! So long since i read something like this...