Beach Scene

Bahamas Getaway

When they get there, they’re surprised that it’s not packed. When they find a spot, they say all sat their stuff down as the Eommas put the sunblock on the kids(youngest to oldest) then they’re husbands
“Eomma” Kyuhyun whines.
“I don’t want you to get burned,” Heechul says as he turns to Kibum.

“Listen to your mother boys,” Siwon says.
“Not so fast baobei. You’re next,” HanGeng says as he puts on sunscreen on Siwon.
Afterward, the younger couples and Kibum go out as the Eommas try to put sunscreen on themselves, but the Appas gave them a weird look.
“What is it, yeobo?” Jongwoon whines trying to grab the sunscreen back.
“Let me,” Youngwoon assists as Jongwoon gives in.
Then the parents get into the kids’ bags to get the towel spread out and shoes in a towel corner.
“I think he forgot his sunhat,” Sungmin says.
“I find this normal though honey,” Donghee says back as all the adults sat/lay down.

Beach, 2 pm
“So Jongwoon, how’d you and Youngwoon meet?” Sungmin asks.
“We meet in college. We were in the choir team,” Jongwoon answers.
“I am not that good at singing anymore but you should here Jongwoon’s voice! He was the reason why Ryeowook has a beautiful voice as well,” Youngwoon adds enthusiastically, making Yesung blush. “How about you Siwon and HanGeng?”
“I came into the kimbap restaurant where my parents owned and he was friends with my sister,” Siwon says.
“I swear, he was checking me out the whole time. Then his sister was like ‘I think my brother has a friend crush. You should ask to be his friend’ in which I did and 2 years later we became a couple,” HanGeng adds. “How about you Jungsoo? How did you and Heechul meet?”
“Two of our close friends set us a blind date. I was on a blind date two weeks before that became terrible, so I was having doubts. But this one was the one to be,” Heechul says.
“I was madly in love with him the moment I saw him,” Jungsoo says. “How about you?”
“Us?” Sungmin asks.
“In high school, my brother and I were transfer students from Goyang, but I was picked on and couldn’t make any friends except for my brother, then I got knocked over by another bully, and Shindong helped me with my books and introduced his group of friends,” Sungmin says.
“Then about a year later, our friends noticed that I was being a little flirty lately, and insisted that I ask him out. I was telling them like ‘what if he doesn’t like me back’ and when I asked him, boom we are high school sweethearts,” Donghee says.
“Aigoo, these are so cute,” HanGeng says.
“Yours was cute too,” Jungsoo says.
“Wait have you seen Ryeowook?” Jongwoon asks panicked.
“No, I don’t,” Donghee says.
“Me neither,” Siwon says.
“Henry!” HanGeng yells.
“Yeah?” Henry asks as he runs to the adults.
“Where’s Ryeowook?” Jongwoon asks.
“I was with him, but I was dragged by Hyukjae to help him with a crab.”
“Jongwoon I found him. Look,” Jungsoo says looking through the binoculars.
“He’s drowning. Yeobo, save him,” Jongwoon says screaming as Youngwoon jumps in and the other adults call the kids.
As everyone comes out, Youngwoon carries the wheezing Ryeowook and sets him down. Henry is patting his back until Ryeowook finally throws up the water and starts to breathe normally.
“What happened?” Youngwoon asks.
“I got cramps on my sides,” Ryeowook answers. “Thanks for saving me, dad.”
“I shouldn’t have left you that deep. I’m sorry baby,” Henry says crying.
“It’s ok, baby,” Ryeowook says hugging the youngest trying to calm him down.
“I should’ve had Donghae get it. But Henry was closer and I have a phobia of crabs. I’m so sorry Ryeowook,” Hyukjae says.
“Or at least have Ryeowook come with them,” ZhouMi says.
“I could’ve gotten it,” Donghae says.
“I think that it’s best for the adults should go into the water while we stay out for a while,” Kyuhyun suggests as everyone nods.
While the kids dry off, the Appas are carrying the Eommas into the water.

3 pm Shore
Kibum was playing on his phone while being the timekeeper, Henry and Ryeowook were making sandcastles, Hyukjae and Donghae were collecting seashells, and Kyuhyun and ZhouMi were cuddling and eventually fell asleep.

The parents were swimming their old hearts out. Jungsoo and Heechul were being competitive with random games, Donghee and Sungmin were just swimming like you only see in the beach related movies, Donghee occasionally picking Sungmin up to kiss him(ok only twice), Siwon and HanGeng were further out in the ocean, talking about their dating years and engagement up until HanGeng’s pregnancy. Jongwoon and Youngwoon, however, were in the shoreline getting splashed in the waves and soaking up the sun.

4 pm
Everything was still going without change until Kibum tells the other young couples that they have a half-hour left so the couples go to the parents(by Room) to warn them. They all swim to Jungsoo and Heechul and talked until Kibum yells that it’s almost 4:30 and they all go back to the hotel.

5 pm Hotel
All the rooms get dressed and packed as they all head to the lobby. They then get to the airport just at 5:45. Once boarding, they all head home.

Next afternoon Seoul
Everyone is home, thanked the Kim family for the invite and all shower. They all keep in touch and even visit the kids’ graduations the next year or so.

2 Years Later(4 years after the Bahamas Trip)
Here everyone is in Hawaii, this time it’s for the back to back weddings: EunHae, then KyuMi, then HenWook. A year later, Kibum gets married in Florida with a close high school friend(Tiffany) he asked out on graduation, and he gets teased from the other couples adult and kid alike for being the only straight one, but he doesn’t care. Everyone became close and all 15…or 16 became each other’s besties.

A/N Last part, for now. As I said, this was my favorite one, so I was surprised that it got fans so far. It ain't a normal SuJu OTP story. I am shocked yet ecstatic. 

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