What About You?


It’s 3 Years after Kibum and Tiffany's Marriage. The kids decided that they should live together in a 4 bedroom house in Seoul. The submissives are pregnant and the due dates are a month from each other (ZhouMi-8, Ryeowook-7, Hyukjae-6, Tiffany-5). The parents have gathered to get ready for the next month: ZhouMi’s due date while the younger couples have gathered for a baby shower.

The parents are in the neighborhood behind them and the parents are neighbors to each other to keep as close to the kids as possible, who all are neighbors to each other.

(I couldn't find a picture of Kibum with Tiffany. I honestly picked a random SNSD member.)


Last Tumblr series (that is completed). This is a sequel to Bahamas Getaway.


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