Bahamas Fun

Bahamas Getaway

2woon and HenWook Room

8:30 am
“Wake up honey,” Jongwoon says shaking his husband as Youngwoon wakes up.
“Good morning yeobo,” Youngwoon says.
“Could you wake up the boys?”
“Yeah,” Youngwoon replies, yawning.
“Wake up Henry and Ryeowook.”
“Appa 5 more minutes,” Ryeowook whines.
“Wake up.”
“Alright,” Ryeowook answers as he and Henry yawn and get shoes on and everyone grabs their key.

TeukChul Kibum Room
“Wake up Kibum,” Heechul says as Kibum yawns.
“Wake up baby” Heechul pokes his husband as Jungsoo also yawns and everyone gets ready and grabs the hotel key.

SiHan KyuMi Room
HanGeng wakes up as he looks and notices a note on the other pillow where Siwon is supposed to be. ‘Doing laps in the pool’ it read as he yawns. HanGeng wakes up Kyuhyun and ZhouMi.
“Wake up. Get ready to meet the other rooms. I’ll meet you there. I have to get my husband from the pool,” HanGeng says as he gets up to look for the pool but Siwon walks in.
“Let me get my pajamas back on and slippers,” Siwon says taking his shirt off.
“Ok. You too boys,” HanGeng says as he grabs the keys and waits for them to get their shoes.

ShinMin EunHae Room
Sungmin tries to get up, but Donghee is holding his waist.
“Baby we gotta wake up and all that,” Sungmin tries to tap him.
“Sweetie. Just cuddle for a few minutes? We never do anymore,” Donghee whines.
“Donghee, Let go. I gotta wake up the boys.”
“Do I see Hyukjae and Donghae doing the do?” With that, Donghee opens his eyes.
‘It worked.I'm surprised.’
“Wake up Hyukjae and Donghae,” Sungmin says as he hears Donghee yawn along with Hyukjae and Donghae. Sungmin grabs the keys after everyone puts on shoes.

Everyone gathers to the lobby as they head to the breakfast room.
“You smelled like this morning. It smells like coffee,” Donghee says as Sungmin blush.
After the meal, Tuesday was learning to surf and nailed it. Wednesday was sightseeing as everyone got exhausted.
5 pm
“For our last day tomorrow, we are having a beach day, so get rest. Wake up whenever so take advantage of it. Whoever wakes up first has to wake up the whole room. Meet us here at 11 am and the flight is at 6 so let’s meet here with our luggage at 5 pm,” Youngwoon says as everyone goes to their rooms.

ShinMin EunHae Room
10 pm
“Night boys. Night baby,” Donghee says as he goes to bed.
“Night appa,” Hyukjae says.
“Night Mr.Shin,” Donghae says as him and Hyukjae kiss,
“Night baby,” Sungmin says as him and Donghee also kiss.

SiHan KyuMi Room
“Goodnight kids and baobei,” Siwon says.
“Night dad,” ZhouMi says.
“Night Mr.Choi,” Kyuhyun says as he and ZhouMi kiss.
“Night honey,” HanGeng says as him and Siwon also kiss.

TeukChul Kibum Room
“Good night Baby. Kibum you too,” Heechul says.
“Night eomma,” Kibum says.
“Night yeobo,” Jungsoo says as he and Heechul kiss.

2Woon HenWook Room
“Let’s get some sleep for this last day. Night boys and yeobo,” Jongwoon says.
“Night Mom,” Ryeowook says.
“Night Mrs.Kim,” Henry says as he and Ryeowook kiss.
“Night yeobo,” Youngwoon says as he and Jongwoon also (you guessed it) kiss.
All 15 Males fall in a peaceful slumber.

8:30 am
2Woon HenWook Room
Henry wakes up to having an urge to pee. He gets back to a half-awake Jongwoon.
“Morning Henry,” Jongwoon whispers.
“Morning Jongwoon,” Henry replies.
“Wookie wake up.”
“Yeobo, wake up.”
After a few seconds, both boys wake up to kiss their lovers.
“Get your swimwear on boys. Henry you help order breakfast. I’ll text everyone to text us if they’re up by the time bed and breakfast ends” Jongwoon nags as he and Youngwoon get dressed. When done, they are early enough to go to the bed and breakfast and when they leave, they spot another room on their way to the lobby. When they got back, They get their beach bags ready as Jongwoon gets a text from Jungsoo. 10:30 rolls around and tries texting Shin Room until Henry finally gets an answer from Hyukjae.
8:45 am
SiHan KyuMi Room
“Oh, it’s early,” Kyuhyun yawns as he wakes up ZhouMi and his parents.
“What time is it?” HanGeng yawns.
“Quarter till 9,” ZhouMi answers.
“Alright. Let’s get ready and then get breakfast,” HanGeng nags.
“I just got a text from Jongwoon for us to text him if we wake up later than 9:30,” Siwon says as he gets up to kiss his husband and the same with Kyuhyun. After they got dressed, they walked to the lobby and spot 2Woon and HenWook. Siwon couldn’t help but wave. When they got done and back in the room, they get their beach stuff together.

9:45 am
TeukChul Kibum Room
Kibum wakes up and he wakes up his parents.
“Hey son,” Jungsoo says as he pulls a sleeping beauty on Heechul. Leeteuk checks his phone with a text from Jongwoon and texts him that they just woke up.
They get a knock and Kibum answers it for a flapjack breakfast. He thanks them as Jungsoo explains why they got room service and they get their beach bags together.

10:30 am
ShinMin EunHae Room
EunHae wakes up at the same time and notices the time. They quickly got up. They jump when Hyukjae’s phone starts ringing.
“Hello? They’re still asleep. Ok you did? Thank you. We’ll wake them up,” Hyukjae hangs up as the door knocks.
“Henry got us room service since we woke up too late.”
“Could you wake up your parents while I get the food? I’m better at English,” Donghae says as Hyukjae nods (and maybe rolls his eyes) to jump on them.
Donghae grabs the omega omelet special and thanks the man.

Minutes Before
Donghee and Sungmin both didn’t want to wake up. As they cuddled, they wake up to their son jumping on them.
“YAH!” Donghee and Sungmin yell.
“We don’t have a lot of time. We have to be at the lobby in 25 minutes so eat up and get your beach stuff read,y” Hyukjae says.
“When did he get bossy?” Donghee asks.
“I don’t know baby,” Sungmin answers as the two kiss. They quickly ate and get their stuff together.

11am Lobby
“Close call,” Sungmin says panting.
“Ok. We’ll get back to the lobby by 4:30. Get packed and come back down by 5:15 and get at the airport at 5:45 for our 6pm flight,” Jongwoon says as all nod. “Ok. Let’s have fun.”

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