Bahamas Getaway

Seoul Airport 9:30 am
“Do you see any of the other families?” Jongwoon asks.
“No. Wait I see the Choi clan,” Ryeowook answers.
“Hey,” Hangeng says as they sit down next to the Kim family.
5 minutes later
“Hey Kims and Chois,” Heechul says as he Jungsoo and their boys sit.
“Park boys! Hi,” Siwon says.
“We are missing the Shin family! What if they’re late?” Jongwoon panics.
“Relax. They still have 20 minutes,” Donghae says.
10 minutes later
“There they are. Hey, Shin family,” Kyuhyun says as Hyukjae runs to the boys.
As the teen couples hug and kiss, the Eommas and Appas are giving them ‘aigo’ while Kibum just sits there all pouty and he gets teased about it. And soon enough it’s time to board the plane.
“Kibum could sit with Heechul and I. Otherwise the couples could sit together,” Jungsoo says as the rest nod.

While boarding, everyone can’t help but be nervous.

Bahamas Airport
Everyone is counting for roll call purposes(Jongwoon starts with 1,2,3) etc.
“13,14. Where’s Kibum?” Heechul asks.
“15,” said boy comes from the luggage line.
“Welcome to the Bahamas,” a female worker introduced to the families.
“Hi,” Henry says. “We are looking for the Bahamas hotel by the beach. Could you give us directions?”
After the woman gave Henry directions and he called a cab, he walks to the males.
“Just got directions and a cab. Let’s go,” Henry says as the teens all run off.
“Good thing that Henry knows English,” Ryeowook says to his parents as he runs off.

As Youngwoon and Henry grab the hotel key cards, they try to figure out who goes where
“Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae and I could be in this room,” Donghee says as he grabs one of the key pouch things.
“Then Hangeng, Kyuhyun, ZhouMi, and I would get this one,” Siwon says as he also grabs a key pouch.
“Then that leaves me Heechul and Kibum with the third,” Jungsoo says as he grabs one of the two remaining key pouches.
“Then I guess Henry, Ryeowook, Jongwoon, and I get this room,” Youngwoon holds the last key as they all head to the elevators (there’s two) and to their rooms soon after.

3rd Floor Hallway
“Get some rest and tomorrow’s meeting spot is the lobby,” Kangin says as he gives Henry the backup key.
As the split for the night, he, Yesung, Henry, and Ryeowook go into their room and get unpacked.
“Appa where’s my vitamins?” Ryeowook asks.
“Here you go son,” Youngwoon says.
“Ok, dad I’ll be good to them. Love you too bye,” Henry hangs up as he goes back to unpacking.

SiHan and KyuMi Room
Siwon puts his and HanGeng’s luggage on the bed and Kyuhyun does the same with his and ZhouMi’s as he gives Kyuhyun the other key and calls Henry.
“Please behave. Love you,” Siwon ends the call as they look at Kyuhyun and ZhouMi kissing.
“Baba and Mama, don’t look!” ZhouMi yells as Kyuhyun gets a call from Heechul.
“Ok, eomma ok,” Kyuhyun says.

Jungsoo and Heechul and Kibum go to their room as Heechul gives the other key card to Kibum as he and Jungsoo make phone calls to their other sons.
“Behave or else…” Heechul says as he hangs up.
“Are you gonna be good? Ok son love you bye,” Jungsoo tells his other son as he and Heechul both turn to Kibum
“I hope that you find a partner,” Heechul teased.
“Could you please just not start eomma and appa?” Kibum asks annoyed.
“We’re just teasing son. Well, not someone from here anyway,” Jungsoo adds.
Kibum just rolls his eyes as he opens his bag.

ShinMin and EunHae Room
Hykjae drops his suitcase as he runs to the bathroom. Donghae drops his suitcase by the bed as he runs to land face down on the bed. After Donghee and Sungmin put their suitcase on the bed, they look around the room. Hyukjae gets done in the bathroom as Donghae’s phone rings.
“Yes, I’ll be good for them. Like always. Love you too,” Donghae hangs up. Shindong grabs one of the keycards out of his pocket and gives it to Donghae.
“Thank you,” Donghae says as he puts the key in his pocket.

2Woon HenWook Room
“I had to make sure that he showers because HanGeng told me that he hates showers,” Jongwoon says as he takes the boy to the shower. After the boy finishes, Jongwoon asks Ryeowook to smell him. When the smell is good, both couples go to their beds to sleep and Youngwoon turns off the lamp and closes his book.

SiHan KyuMi Room
“Why don’t you two brush your teeth since you two made out” HanGeng teases.
“Really mama? ” ZhouMi says.
“I’m just teasing. Go brush your teeth.”
“Henry probably didn’t.”
“Don’t worry ZhouMi. I had to make sure that Ryeowook’s parents make him bathe,” Siwon says as Kyuhyun and ZhouMi brush their teeth then Siwon and HanGeng do the same.
“Time for bed,” HanGeng says as all four go to sleep.

TeukChul and Kibum Room
Jungsoo is in the shower as Heechul is getting in the bed.
“Do we seriously have to wait for appa?” Kibum asks.
“You don’t have to but it’s gonna be a little loud after he gets out.”
“I did not just hear that.”
“I didn’t mean it like that Kibum. Your appa and I are too old to do the do.”
“I’m not kidding Park Kibum.”
Just then, Jungsoo gets out of the shower.
“Not kidding about what?” Jungsoo asks as he gets his shirt on.
“Nothing honey. Go to bed please both of you,” Heechul says.
“Night eomma,” Kibum says.
“Night honey,” Jungsoo says after.
“Night babies,” Heechul says closing his eyes

ShinMin and EunHae Room
“Hurry sweetheart. I’m tired,” Donghae whines as Hyukjae finishes watching up.
“Son?” Donghee asks.
“I’m almost done,” Hyukjae says.
“Hurry. We have a long day tomorrow,” Donghee says as Hyukjae comes out to his and Donghae’s bed.
“Night eomma and appa,” Hyukjae says.
“Night Shin fam,” Donghae says.
“Night Hyukjae and Donghae,” Donghee and Sungmin say as all lights are off.
“Appa,” Hyukjae says.
“Yeah Hyukjae,” Donghee answers.
“I think I forgot my sandals.”
“I got them Hyukjae. Now go to sleep,” Sungmin says.
“OK eomma.”

2Woon and HenWook Room
That night, Jongwoon texts all parents to wake up at 8:30 for breakfast.

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