Introducing The Families

Bahamas Getaway

TeukChul House
“DINNER!”  Heechul yells.
“Coming” Kibum Kyuhyun and Donghae say in unison.
“Hold on! I’m finishing up,”  Jungsoo yells.
“Hi kids! Sweetie.” With that, the couple kisses.
“Ugh, mom dad gross” Kibum yells.
“Don’t complain because you’re the only single one,” Kyuhyun jokes.
“Wait what?” Jungsoo says.
“What he says is true appa,” Donghae says.
“When are you gonna tell me about this? Did you know Heechul?”
“Yeah, I did” Heechul replies.
“Details, boys.”
“My boyfriend's name is…” Kyuhyun starts.

SiHan House
“Choi Henry! What have I told you? Do you want to lose your phone?”  Siwon says.
“No, baba.”
“Ok,” Siwon says. As he’s leaving HanGeng comes in.
“ Henry. I talked to Zhou Mi about this and now it’s your turn to tell me. Whose this boyfriend you speak of?” HanGeng asks.
“OK, I’ll tell you. He is a cute boy, named…”

“Then we could go to this beach,” Youngwoon tells his partner, pointing in the magazine.
“Surf?” Jongwoon asks.
“Absolutely. Kiss?”
“You got it, yeobo.”
As they try to kiss, they are interrupted by their son.
“Eomma, Appa, where’s my favorite rash guard?” Ryeowook asks.
“I don’t know. It should be in your closet,” Jongwoon replies.
“I’ll check.”
“Wait, young man. You tell us about this boyfriend. Please give us the details?” Youngwoon asks his son.
“His name is Henry and he’s a cutie.”
“More details?”
“He’s also…”

TeukChul House
“Zhou Mi seems awesome sweetie,” Leeteuk says enthusiastically.
“Enough of him. How about you Donghae?” Heechul asks.
“He is a boy named…”

ShinMin House
Last Night

"I thought you said that you will help me?" Sungmin asks.
"I did give him his cold medicine, didn't I," Hyukjae jokingly replies. 

"Haha, smartass." Sungmin takes a test taste for his soup. Perfect. “Done. Excuse me”
As Hyukjae moves out of his mom’s way, Sungmin goes to the master bedroom to his husband.
“Hey, how you feeling baby?” Sungmin asks.
“A little better honey! Is that pumpkin?” Donghee asks.
“Yes. Unless you want tomato” Sungmin says in sadness.
“No! This is fine. Thank you, sweetheart.”
“Are you sure? You are probably sick of pumpkin.”
“You know me. I’ll eat anything you make sweetie.”
“Speaking of sweetie, I was going to ask Hyukjae about his boy but should we wait until tomorrow?”
“Sure if you want honey.”
“Love you.”
Love you too Minnie."

Next morning
“Morning honey are you ok?” Sungmin asks
“Yeah” Shindong replied

Later that day
“Hey Hyukjae,” Sungmin says as him and Donghee go to his son’s room.
“Yeah?” Hyukjae asks.
“This boy you speak about the other day. Who is he?” Sungmin asks.
“His name is Donghae and I love him dearly. He and I met…”

TeukChul House
“Daebak. Dance camp?“Heechul asks Donghae.
“Your aunt knows his parents?” Leeteuk asks Kyuhyun.
“Yes,” Donghae and Kyuhyun say in unison as Kibum just grumbles.
“Aww hyung is cranky,” Kyuhyun teases.
“Shut up Kyuhyun” Kibum spat.
“No arguing at the table and finish your jjajangmyeon” Heechul nagged.
“Sorry eomma,” they both say.

SiHan House
“Really? He’s her nephew?” Siwon asks ZhouMi.
“You met in cooking class and were partners?” HanGeng asks Henry.
“That’s the truth,” They both say.
“By the way, Wookie hyung and his parents are going to the Bahamas next week for the first week of summer. Could I go?” Henry asks.
“We might think about it little one” HanGeng answers. “Oh crap, it’s late. I’ll start cooking dinner.”
“Make Beijing fried rice,” the kids ask in unison.

2Woon House
“Cooking partners?” Youngwoon asks.
“He studied in Canada in middle school?“Jongwoon asks.
"Yes, and yes,” Ryeowook replies.
“Whoa. Go find your swimwear kiddo” Jongwoon says.
“Ok eomma” the son answers.
“Where were we? Oh yes,” Youngwoon says, pretending to think, as he kisses Jongwoon. Jongwoon blushes
“Mom, why are you red?” Ryeowook asked confused.
“Nothing! Oh look at the time I should start making the dabbokki” Jongwoon rushes to the kitchen.

ShinMin House
“Dance camp? That’s my boy” Donghee says excitedly.
“Oh, brother” Sungmin rolls his eyes.
“Yeah, appa. Are you still sick?” Hyukjae asks.
“No.” Donghee answers. "I'm running around with energy, aren't I?"

"Haha, a smartass," Hyukjae says, almost mocking his mom. For punishment, Sungmin fixes Hyukjae’s hair much to his dismay
“Eomma. Stop really? This is awkward” the boy says annoyed.
“Go shower then. It’s 6. You have finals this coming week,” Sungmin says.
“I hope you studied hard” Donghee adds.
As Eunhyuk goes to the bathroom, the ShinMin couple goes to prepare dinner.
“Are we making soup?” Donghee asks.
“No. Unless you don’t want bimbimbap?” Sungmin answers.
“Much better.”

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Chapter 4: Total chaos
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