Finals Week

Bahamas Getaway

TeukChul House
“Go to bed my Park boys. Finals week.” Jungsoo said to their boys.
“Ok appa.” Kibum, Kyuhyun, and Donghae say in unison.

Parent's Room
As Heechul is rinsing his mouth, Jungsoo back hugs him. After Heechul spits, Jungsoo can’t help but want to kiss his love, so he did.
“Your breath. Now I need to rinse again” Heechul teases.
“Haha funny.”
“Just get ready for bed baby. I’ll be waiting.”
After he finished he jumps over Heechul to his side.
“You’re a nut,” Heechul says.
“I know but you are too” Jungsoo replies.
“Just kiss me duckie.” 

SiHan House
“ZhouMi and Henry Choi. Time for bed” Siwon says as the lights are off.
“Siwon” HanGeng yells.
“Coming yeobo. The boys are taking forever to go to bed.”

"Yeah, blame us, baba," ZhouMi rolls his eyes.

Parent's Room
“Should we go with Wookie and his parents?” HanGeng asks.
“What about Zhou Mi?” Siwon replied.
“He’s old enough to be alone for a few days. He also has Kyuhyun and his family?”
“That’s what I’m afraid of.”
“We have until Friday to think about this right?”
“I guess. We’ll continue this tomorrow.”
“Ok but for now let’s start something else.”
“What is that, Mr.Choi?”
He kisses him and says this before smirking "that Mr.Choi-Han."
“You butthead,” HanGeng says turning the desk lamp off.

“Tell us when the say no or yes ok?” Youngwoon asks.
“Kim Ryeowook.”
“Ok appa.”

Parent's Room
“Yeobo, where my lip balm?” Youngwoon asks.
“Check your work bag” Jongwoon answers.
“Found it.”
Youngwoon goes on the bed as extra as possible.
‘Aish this husband of mine’ Jongwoon thinks to himself as he closes his tablet and magazine and kisses him.
“Nighty Jongwoon.”
“Good night yeobo.”

ShinMin House, Middle of The Night
“Shin Hyukjae! Why are you up?” Sungmin half opens his eyes as Eunhyuk heads to the master bathroom.
“Appa left my school water bottle in here” Hyukjae whispers.
“Hurry before he wakes up too.”
Donghee tosses and turns as Sungmin and Hyukjae stop moving.
“Phew, I thought I woke him up,” Hyukjae says.
“Grab your water bottle and go to bed.”
“Night eomma.”
“Why is he up?” Donghee asks.
“Oh, geez baby you scared me,” Sungmin says. “His water bottle was in the bathroom. You know he doesn’t remember it if he is in a rush in the morning.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot. Get some sleep baby. We have a big week starting tomorrow.”
“Ok. Love you baby.”
“I love you more my Bunny.”

Before school
“I hope that they say yes,” Ryeowook tells Henry.
“Me too. I talk them into setting a lunch date with your parents and ZhouMi wanted to invite. Kyuhyun’s parents” Henry says.
“Let’s get to class before we are late.”
“Let’s gather KyuMi and EunHae at lunch.”
“As we usually do.”

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