Horoscope - Wonnakjin

Kids in Love
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“Care to tell why do you have a brown pencil sharpener as your necklace?”

Nako crossed her arms, haughtily eyeing Yena as she explained it with less than 20 words, as per Eunbi’s initial request, whenever Nako is caught having strange objects clinging to her.

“Gemini has the worst luck today,” She huffed. “Beige pencil sharpener is my lucky item of the day. Hopefully, I can survive today without spraining an ankle or worse, expelled.”

Minju stifled a giggle. Nako grinned. The Gemini rummaged her pockets and fished out a pack of purple stickers. She tossed it to Minju, who received it gracefully. Shame. Yena and Yujin were prepared to boo the visual as the stickers bounced off her grasp.

“What’s this?” Minju questioned, opening the packet and took out a sticker.

“In contrast to Gemini, Aquarius is the luckiest today.” Nako then wiggled her eyebrows knowingly. “Great time to ask someone out!”

Minju blushed, sputtering that no, she doesn’t have any romantic interest right now! The denials were so obvious and pathetic because right now she couldn’t even move her gaze from a certain spot.

Nako rose from the ground, looking at Hitomi, Hyewon, and Chaewon. They were talking about food – specifically the best way to cook a sausage. Pointless debate, but alas.

“Which one of you is a Cancer?”

Hitomi pointed Yena. “Yena unnie’s existence gives me cancer.”

Hitomi’s remark was deliberately loud as if to bait Yena to her. The duck took the bait. “Okay, that was rude as hell. Come here you overgrown fluffy cheeks!”

Nako scowled as Hitomi squeaked and took off running when Yena started to chase her. The two somehow managed to trigger the childishness within Sakura and thus the start of the SakuYenTomi chasing. Eunbi, who decided it was best to leave the children be, pointedly ignored Wonyoung’s desperate plea to stop the three from running.

And so the midget swiveled toward the 2won, who was watching her with big, curious eyes.

“My zodiac is Cancer,” Hyewon answered after a brief Googling. “Chaewon is a cat –“ Chaewon growled. “—I mean big cat –“ again, the radish growled and even dared to glare at her. Hyewon sighed exasperatedly. “ – Leo. Chaewon is Leo.”

 Nako nodded sagely. “I see. Well, I don’t have your lucky items but Oha-Asa says Leo should watch out for an Aquarius, and Cancer to eat whatever food Capricorn is making.” Then, Nako walked away, ignoring the happy noises of Hyewon and weird growling noises coming from Chaewon. The radish knew immediately what Nako meant and she stared intensely at Minju as if daring the frog to make a move.

The midget almost got rammed into the wall but thanks for her lucky item, she managed to dodge Sakura and safely settled herself on Eunbi’s lap. The leader didn’t mind her conversation with Chaeyeon and Yuri was interrupted. Nako was always a welcomed interruption.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

“At this moment or my heart,

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I've been reading KnB again and was reminded of how I really like Midorima back in the day~


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Ninapot24 #1
Chapter 6: Nako ships are so rare so pls write more UWU
reigngrey #2
Chapter 10: Potion—— thisit have a part 2?
violentsushi #3
Chapter 10: i'm really enjoying this fic. i kinda wish they be longer but i should not be picky. i can't decide between nakjin or wonnako so please continue to write more uwu.
Mother_duck #4
Chapter 10: Silly Nako haha
Mizone #5
Chapter 10: Very smart. Also, cornea in a fic? Lol
haha01 #6
Chapter 10: Yujin only desires for Nakoya! Thanks for coming back and making this cute story!
1511 streak #7
Chapter 10: then you are the one she desires!
kim_taeny #8
Chapter 9: Part 2 with real kiss between wonnako?
also yujin do be the small spoon doe, minju is a giver wbk