Crush - Wonnako

Kids in Love
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"I want to grow older quickly."


It was a rather quiet night at the dorm.

Some were out, enjoying the last days of Spring while most of them chose to stay at dorm, sleeping or doing something else entirely. Like gaming, for example.

(“We boutta stay up all night gaming and you are forbidden to disturb us anyhow!” Sakura had screamed, before yeeting out the dorm 2 with Yena, Hyewon, and Minju in tow before Eunbi could protest.)

The night sky was beautiful and the air was just right – Hitomi didn’t understand why would four of them choses to stay cooped in a cramped room rather than enjoying the outdoor. She complained her point of view to Nako, and Chaewon happened to enter Eunbi’s room to look for her favorite cap. The radish fairy then invited Hitomi for an evening walk, to which the bread lover happily accepted after an intense look coming from Nako.

Nako couldn’t miss the relieved sigh coming from Chaewon as she coolly told Hitomi she would be waiting for her to change to warmer clothes. She made a mental note to tease Chaewon about it later, but then she saw how Hitomi’s cheeks flushed in a very charming way that Nako decided to pin all the teasing to the bread lover, instead.

As the adorable ssambbang left the dorm, Nako was left alone with only a sleeping Yuri as company. Chaeyeon and Eunbi were talking over something at the kitchen, gossiping like moms they were and the two Maknaes were nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, Nako could hear Chaeyeon and Eunbi shrieking, followed by laughter. Laughter that was so… Yujin and Wonyoung. Childlike and never failed to make Nako smile.

She could hear Chaeyeon loudly scolding both of them, something about them getting thrown something. Nako cringed. Chaeyeon’s aim was deadly so was Eunbi’s. Amidst the rowdiness, Yuri was still asleep on the top bunk, not even stirring.

Not long after the ruckus died down, Nako was startled to have both Maknaes barging inside Eunbi’s room, grinning goofily like children they were.

“Nako unnie!” Wonyoung happily greeted her, diving to Eunbi’s bed and tackled Nako to a hug. Her weight effectively pu

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I've been reading KnB again and was reminded of how I really like Midorima back in the day~


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Ninapot24 #1
Chapter 6: Nako ships are so rare so pls write more UWU
reigngrey #2
Chapter 10: Potion—— thisit have a part 2?
violentsushi #3
Chapter 10: i'm really enjoying this fic. i kinda wish they be longer but i should not be picky. i can't decide between nakjin or wonnako so please continue to write more uwu.
Mother_duck #4
Chapter 10: Silly Nako haha
Mizone #5
Chapter 10: Very smart. Also, cornea in a fic? Lol
haha01 #6
Chapter 10: Yujin only desires for Nakoya! Thanks for coming back and making this cute story!
1511 streak #7
Chapter 10: then you are the one she desires!
kim_taeny #8
Chapter 9: Part 2 with real kiss between wonnako?
also yujin do be the small spoon doe, minju is a giver wbk