Hickeys - Wonnako

Kids in Love
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Wonyoung was awakened by the rapid pounding on her door, alongside desperate calling of her name that unmistakably was Nako’s voice.

The giant maknae yawned before she sleepily jumped off from her bed, Yujin who was sleeping on the bed opposite her groggily sat up, mumbling ‘what’s going on?’ before laying back to the bed, apparently finding herself didn’t give any and went back to sleep. She mumbled to Wonyoung to take care of whatever.

Wonyoung unlatched and unlocked the door, mumbling the same words as Yujin said earlier but was cut off with Nako storming in and hastily locked and latched the door. She was panting heavily and looked disheveled.

She looked at Wonyoung and Yujin, who was wide awake by now, having jolted awake by the loud slamming of the door. “Don’t ask any question –“

“What happened?” Wonyoung easily ignored the question, turning on the light as she did. The three of them hissed as the light pricked their eyes. Nako quickly moved to turn it off again, but Wonyoung was faster and pulled Nako toward their bed before she succeeded in turning it off.

“What happened?” Yujin repeated. The puppy couldn't contain her shock as she pointed at Nako's neck. “Oh Hell – is that – I mean, are they hickeys?!”

Nako scowled, but the scowl quickly disappeared into a sheepish pout as she tried to pull her loose t-shirt over the hickeys scattered along her neck, shoulder, and collarbone. “As much as I didn’t want to admit it –“

“Are the – “ Wonyoung swallowed a lump that had formed on . Something inside her burned at the sight of Nako’s neck covered with hickeys. Her stomach churned at the unmistakable scent of alcohol on Nako’s clothes. Nako’s breath didn’t stink, so that would have meant–

“Are the unnies drunk?”

“Yup,” was the dejected reply, accompanied by a deep sigh, “Minju was quickly caught by Hyewon-unnie. Hii-chan was captured despite her best attempt, by best I mean she kicked Chaewon-unnie off her, and Yuri didn’t even flinch when Yena-unnie dragged her to her bedroom,” Nako sighed. “Eunbi unnie – Eunbi unnie was wild, though.”


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I've been reading KnB again and was reminded of how I really like Midorima back in the day~


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Ninapot24 #1
Chapter 6: Nako ships are so rare so pls write more UWU
reigngrey #2
Chapter 10: Potion—— thisit have a part 2?
violentsushi #3
Chapter 10: i'm really enjoying this fic. i kinda wish they be longer but i should not be picky. i can't decide between nakjin or wonnako so please continue to write more uwu.
Mother_duck #4
Chapter 10: Silly Nako haha
Mizone #5
Chapter 10: Very smart. Also, cornea in a fic? Lol
haha01 #6
Chapter 10: Yujin only desires for Nakoya! Thanks for coming back and making this cute story!
1510 streak #7
Chapter 10: then you are the one she desires!
kim_taeny #8
Chapter 9: Part 2 with real kiss between wonnako?
also yujin do be the small spoon doe, minju is a giver wbk