1st Fan - Nako x ???

Kids in Love
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Alternate Universe


You are still a little kid, barely a 10 years old little girl, when you first met Nako, during a hand-shake event where your sister drags you there to meet her idol.

Being boisterous and energized little kid you are, you don’t like getting in line and breaks away seconds before you get to see the idol your sister loves so much up-close. Security tries to catch you, but you are swift to evade their flailing limbs and manages to escape.

You wonder why most of them have a long line but that one in the corner doesn’t?

Your curiosity gets better of you as you waddle to the direction of the table where no people are lining up. The securities, different securities, look at you in wonder, but welcomes you to ‘line up’. You smile toothily at them and finally stand in front of the girl that has been alone with no one wants to shake hands with her.

She looks at you, awed. You stare back, unconsciously smiling. As you press your body on the board that separates the two of you, the girl says something in Japanese to the security beside her. You don't know what did she say but somehow you are allowed to go past the separator and stand in front of her. 

You notice that while you’re almost the

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I've been reading KnB again and was reminded of how I really like Midorima back in the day~


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Ninapot24 #1
Chapter 6: Nako ships are so rare so pls write more UWU
reigngrey #2
Chapter 10: Potion—— thisit have a part 2?
violentsushi #3
Chapter 10: i'm really enjoying this fic. i kinda wish they be longer but i should not be picky. i can't decide between nakjin or wonnako so please continue to write more uwu.
Mother_duck #4
Chapter 10: Silly Nako haha
Mizone #5
Chapter 10: Very smart. Also, cornea in a fic? Lol
haha01 #6
Chapter 10: Yujin only desires for Nakoya! Thanks for coming back and making this cute story!
1511 streak #7
Chapter 10: then you are the one she desires!
kim_taeny #8
Chapter 9: Part 2 with real kiss between wonnako?
also yujin do be the small spoon doe, minju is a giver wbk