Lunch - Nakjin

Kids in Love
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"Do you believe in love at the first sight?"



“What are you looking at?” Minju questioned.

Yujin blinked, then abruptly resumed her eating as she looked away from a girl that caught her eyes.

“She looked adorable,” Yujin admitted to Minju, smiling charmingly as she played with her spaghetti. Minju turned around, releasing a sound of understanding as she spotted the person that apparently caught her best friend’s attention.  “She reminded me of my little sister,” The blue haired girl added, once again sneaking a glance toward the said adorable girl apparently eating with her friend(?). Her friend was equally adorable with that fluffy cheeks and bunny teeth and together they looked like a pair of adorable bunnies.

My, she used the term adorable a lot, now did she?

“Your little sister?” Minju scrunched her face in disbelief. “Wonyoung wasn’t that small. What is she? 14? And she’s 169!” Minju snorted. “Imagine if she’s on your age.”

Yujin scowled. They were three years apart yet Wonyoung was taller than her by a mere centimeter. “Do you always have to remind me of that?”

“So you’re still salty she outgrew you,” Minju laughed. “Don’t worry. I’m taller than Hyewon unnie AND Chaewon unnie myself…” she trailed off. She caught Yujin looking at that direction and sighed. What’s so special about those pair of cute girls anyways! It’s not like that those girls have smiles that can cleanse your soul –


“If you’re going to ask for her number please include the cheeks’ number too.”

Yujin released a big, annoyed, sigh. Minju kept on gushing about the girl with fluffy cheeks – how familiar she was, how adorable, how beautiful, how cute, and how elegant –

Yep, Minju definitely fell in love at the second sight, no doubt about it.

And her continuous request for Yujin to ask the girl’s number alongside ‘her’ girl’s number was getting annoying.

“For the nth time, I’m not going to ask for her number,” Yujin hissed. “How old are they anyways? They look so young! Do you want FBI on my arse, unnie?!”

“They are both 18 years old.”

Minju and Yujin yelped, startled at the sudden appearance of a woman standing beside their table.

“W-What? Who are you?” Minju managed to squeak out. Honestly, the woman had a strong presence! How could they didn’t notice her??

The woman’s eyes narrowed dangerously and both girls cowered. “It should be me who ask you that question wouldn’t it? What is your intention toward my sisters?”

“We only think your sisters are adorable.” Yujin blurted out before she could stop herself. “And M

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I've been reading KnB again and was reminded of how I really like Midorima back in the day~


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Ninapot24 #1
Chapter 6: Nako ships are so rare so pls write more UWU
reigngrey #2
Chapter 10: Potion—— thisit have a part 2?
violentsushi #3
Chapter 10: i'm really enjoying this fic. i kinda wish they be longer but i should not be picky. i can't decide between nakjin or wonnako so please continue to write more uwu.
Mother_duck #4
Chapter 10: Silly Nako haha
Mizone #5
Chapter 10: Very smart. Also, cornea in a fic? Lol
haha01 #6
Chapter 10: Yujin only desires for Nakoya! Thanks for coming back and making this cute story!
1511 streak #7
Chapter 10: then you are the one she desires!
kim_taeny #8
Chapter 9: Part 2 with real kiss between wonnako?
also yujin do be the small spoon doe, minju is a giver wbk