190705 Airport (Yenyul) [1]

Onion's IZ*ONE One Shots Compilation
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    "What do you think?" 


    The human-in-disguise demon asked the other supernatural being in the room she entered. Her hands fidgeted nervously--must be from drinking too much human coffee earlier--on the sides as she waited for the response from the other party.


    The angel halted from combing her straight hair in front of the dresser and looked at her. She eyed the demon from head to toe before sighing.


    "Aren't you being too obvious with that get-up?" 


    The demon, disappointed by the response she received, frowned. "I could say the same thing for you, Jo Yuri."


    "At least, what I'm wearing is near being casual as the humans are. I will only look pleasing in their eyes. Whereas for you, Choi Yena..." Yena crossed her arms and raised her brows. "You're flaunting way too much of your disguised aura, don't you think?"


    Flaunting my disguised aura? You should look at yourself in the mirror. 


    The demon mocked the angel in her head, taking turn in eyeing her from head to toe, judging her white midriff top and baggy denim pants. She wore almost the same outfit, but more dark--like black dark that oozes her demonic charisma.


    But the angel looked adorable in her outfit that screamed every bit angelic to Yena.


    The demon could not word it out any better and wished to keep it to herself.


    However, the latter heard it loud and clear due to the ability of being able to read a fellow supernatural's mind.


    "Stop admiring me, please." The angel rolled her eyes to hide her flustered expression.


    Yena saw through it and stepped closer to Yuri with a smirk on her face. She gently held the angel on the chin and made her look at her as she leaned in, stopping just enough for their faces to be in the same level.


    "Why should I? You love it when I compliment you, though." 


    As she expected, the angel could not contain her emotions and her face blushed profusely. 


    The demon took pride in her success of making the angel feel giddy that day, adding charisma points to her confidence.


    "C-Can't you please just go change into something else?" Yuri stuttered and it made Yena want to even further, like the demon she really is.


    She made the eye contact and made sure that the angel was lured into it. 



    "Changing my outfit would be a waste of time."



    "And besides, I prefer this look because..."




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