190614 Airport (Yenyul)

Onion's IZ*ONE One Shots Compilation
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The ride to the airport was fairly quiet for both Yuri and Yena. While the other members were physically and verbally expressing their excitement for their trip to Thailand, the two sat in silence in the back, only speaking if Yujin would call out for either of them and then back to how they were since they rode the van.


Yena heaved a sigh, a heavy one filled with regret. She knew better than anyone that fooling around a sleepy hamster would do her no good, but still, she did it. Poking at the younger for not getting enough sleep last night because of her excitement for their trip made Yuri snap at her before the left the dorm.


And since then, the younger have not muttered a single word to her.


Even though she managed to switch places with Wonyoung so she she could sit beside Yuri, the latter pretended that her presence was not there at all. She looked over to her side and found the hamster looking out the window and in deep thought. Her chin rested on her palm while her elbow is on the ledge. Her side profile was enough to take Yena's breath away, every single time. She was undeniably a beauty and a cute one at that, especially with the cute dress she's wearing today.



However, the cold and silent treatment Yena was getting is slowly killing her inside.



She can't stand it.








As softly as she could, she called out for her name. Yuri did not seem to hear it so she tried again.








This time, she heard a sigh. And she'll take it as a success of letting her voice reach the girl. 



But it's not enough.



She has to get her full attention.



For the third time, she scooted a little closer. Ignoring the loud ruckus the other members were making, she called her again.








As swift as the wind, Yuri whipped her head towards Yena's direction, her brows furrowing in annoyance but tried not to let the others notice.








"I'm sorry."



Yena's heart broke when Yuri just rolled her eyes and turned awa. She started to become hopeless.


As tears began to form in her eyes, she leaned back in her seat and shut them tight. They're almost at the airport and Yuri still won't forgive her.


It may sound childish to anyone else, but Yena doesn't want to leave Korea knowing there's a bad form of tension between her and Yuri. She wants to make good memories while they are overseas but she can't do that if the hamster will continue to give her a cold shoulder.


She has so much pla

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