I'm not going anywhere (Jinjoo)

Onion's IZ*ONE One Shots Compilation
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Rain poured like a waterfall outside the windows, heavy and violent, making the silent atmosphere inside a duplex condo unit even more gloomy than it already was from being left empty for an entire weekend.


The door opened and a tall girl walked in soaking wet from head to toe. She walked with heavy steps across the unit all the way to the second floor, leaving a trail of water behind her before she closed the bedroom door with a loud bang.


Not long after, another girl walked through the unit's door.


Likewise, her pink hair and clothes were soaked and dripping. Not only that, her eyes were also puffed and red. Her lips quivered not because of the cold, but because of too much crying.



Closing the door softly behind her, Kim Minju leaned and helplessly slid down against it until she was on the floor, continuing to cry her heart out after an awful fight with Ahn Yujin. She had tried to reason out but the younger was too angry to even try to listen to her. Her tears wouldn't stop falling as the memory from their argument just ten minutes ago flashed in her mind. Constantly and repeatedly, the younger's last words played like a broken record.




"You've been waiting for this chance, right? Then, fine. If leaving me can make you happy... then go! Have fun with her!"



Minju sobbed harder.


For all the three years that they've been together, never have they ever reached the point wherein either one of them even suggested the thought of separation. Yet all of a sudden, with just a single misunderstanding, they somehow fell apart. And she doesn't want to leave Yujin all because of it.



But remembering the hollowness she saw in the younger's eyes as she said those, Minjoo has never felt so scared her whole life.



She is scared to lose the only person who stayed and trusted her even when the people around her, including her own parents, doubted her. She is scared to lose the one who helped her stay grounded when she was close to losing her sanity in her attempts to give justice to a challenging lead role that she was forced to fill in despite her inexperience. She is scared to lose her sun that always shines the brightest when she smiles at her over the breakfast she had prepared for her. She is scared to lose the most comfortable place on earth: being in the younger's arms as she is lulled to sleep on nights when she is restless. She is scared to lose her when she has barely done anything to repay her for all the love that she has been given. And even if she does manage to do, she will never be able to bear the thought of losing the only person who stuck with her through thick and thin.


Because even just the thought of losing Yujin... already suffocates Minju so much.



Two days passed since that painful incident in the rain and, still, neither of them said a single word to each other. They crossed paths in every corner of their unit, but no progress was made.


Minju tried twice, or thrice, but Yujin would just swiftly escape her presence and stay far from the older. Even at night, Yujin would choose to sleep in the living room rather than share the same bed with her. Although Yujin, being the thoughtful partner that she always has been, still cooked meals for them both, Minju's heart fell and broke every time she was treated coldly by the younger who had always been warm and cuddly with her. It hasn't been that long but she already misses the warmth the Yujin brings to her.


Especially in a night so cold with the never-ending rain outside.


With a cup of hot chocolate, Minju sat on the window ledge, looking over the city lights engulfed by the rain's haze. The more she stared through the rain, the colder she felt her insides turn. Not even the warm cup in her hands was enough to make her feel comforted.


As only one person can make her feel that way.


It's just unfortunate that they aren't in good terms.


She heard the door from upstairs open, then a tall figured went down the stairs and headed directly to the kitchen. She watched how Yujin moved around the place until she went back upstairs.


Minju sighed.  


She couldn't take it anymore. She knew she had to make more effort. It was, after all, her fault that they became distant with each other.


Placing her cup on the ledge, she stood up and walked towards the bedroom. She took one deep breath before turning the knob and pushing the door open.


The younger was sitting on the bed, in her oversized red hoodie and jogger pants that Minju is very familiar of how comfortable they are after having been able to use them every once in a while, busy with whatever she was doing on her phone.


Minju faked a cough to try and grab Yujin's attention from her phone but only failed.






Her voice cracked, a bit hoarse from not being able to talk to anyone ever since the night of their fight. Yujin still ignored her.



Taking a deep breath to hold back her tears, she decided to continue what she had been willing to say, even if the younger wouldn't listen to her.



"I'm sorry..."



Still nothing.



But at least she didn't try to avoid her again and remained still on the bed.



"That day... I didn't mean to ignore your texts an

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