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It was another Monday at the University, and yet another day to start a week full of lectures, and news from their active weekends. Especially those from the Freshmen Building, for it seems like they were all a bunch of snoopers that spread rumors news around the campus more than the Broadcasting Club themselves


"Hey, have you seen Hwang earlier?? She looks like she got beaten up!"


"Yeah, I saw her. But it seems to me like she's the one who BEAT someone up! Like, have you seen her knuckles?? Hah! I'm sure she got into some brawls again."


"I heard her parents were part of some drug syndicate."


"Oh! I think I've seen her coming from a love hotel! Do you think she's some e?"


Every time, there's just this one freshman that would be part of student's everyday gossips, like she's some sort of idol except that, she's not and she receives more backlash than love. 


And like always, one name would be mentioned to the topic like it's the most natural thing.




"Sheesh, why does she have to share the same name as Eunha~sunbae?? She's nothing like our Jung Eunbi." One guy would comment, and the name would continue to be carried out on every conversation related, comparing both girls who share the same name.



"Those kids really need to stop being nosy. What? Don't they think we can't hear them?" The tall Junior hissed, crossing her arms as she glares at the group of Freshmen passing by their tables. The girl next to her only chuckled, giving her reassuring bright smiles towards the freshmen who seems utterly petrified at her friend's glaring. Seeing the action, the taller only scoffs, earning a chuckle from the latter. "Seriously, Sowon? You gotta calm down lady. We don't want to see a giraffe getting angry." The latter teased, earning a glare from the tall lady.



"Yeah, yeah. But aren't you bothered by it, Yerin? Your little sister's always being mentioned to this topic! Like what's wrong with you Jungs and you guys just don't care?" Sowon huffed, harshly grabbing her cup of cold water then gulping it down at once. Yerin, however, only chuckled, drinking from her own cup. "Don't feel like it." she plainly answered, earning another frustrated groan from the taller.



Sitting across them was a sophomore, who just sighs at the sight of the two Juniors' banterings. "Stop it, Sowon~unnie. Eunha's not easily bothered by this kind of thing anyway. I know you're worried, but trust me, my best friend's tougher than her... height." Yuju reassured albeit the taller can't help but sigh, thinking about how being tough is in any way related to height. 'Weird, alright?'



"And what's wrong with my height?" The familiar high-pitched voice intruded, causing the fellow students who were casually gawking at the three beauties to turn to the cutie who entered the scene. Sowon only rolled her eyes from the attention, as Yuju sheepishly smiled at the shorter who glared at her.

"Come here, Eunha~" On the other hand, Yerin beamed as she opens her arms wide for her little sister, eyes in perfect crescents as her lips lift to a toothy grin. Albeit still sulky for being called short, Eunha went to her sister's embrace and sitting on her lap in the process. 


"I'm mad at you, Yuna~yah!" Eunha huff, her brows furrowed and cheeks puff to show her dislike, nonetheless, it only garnered adorn attention as Yuju let out a chuckle while handing the burger she bought as a sign of apology. Which, wasn't in the slightest bit hesitantly received by the bunny who acts the opposite for someone who should be angry.


Sowon only sighs, drinking from her cup. "Geez, Eunha. That's not how you act when you're angry, ya know?" she tiredly grumbles, while the shorter girl turned her attention to her, eyes wide and blinking, tilting her head slightly, "Oh, I'm not angry though, just being sulky." She reasoned, causing the taller to roll her eyes while Yerin only pinched her sister's cheek, totally liking the antics.



"You two Jungs are weird." Yuju commented, the sisters only laugh while Sowon sigh, "You too, you Yeojeli." Sowon mumbled rather boredly. The trio only laughs in agreement.



But the laughter was soon followed by a deafening silence as another girl entered the place. This time, the other students watch intently as the new girl started walking, her aura giving off a cold vibe as the other students started whispering with each other about her appearance. How the girl was covered with bruises despite some of it hidden under her hoodie, or just plainly talking about her entirety.



But Yerin seems to pay no mind and continued eating and pampering her little sister who's sat on her lap, while Yuju kept her gaze towards the new girl. "Hwang Eunbi..." Sowon whispered. Curiously eyeing the freshmen who continued walking unfazed despite the crowd.


"She's cool." But of course, the serious atmosphere gotta be broken by Yuju who bluntly expressed her opinion. Yerin only chuckled while Sowon rolled her eyes once again. "What??? She totally rocks that black New York hoodie, also her in a ponytail looks hot." Yuju added, much to Sowon's frustration and Yerin's amusement over her friend's opinion



The whisperings continued that they failed to notice that when the freshmen pass by their table, her and Eunha's eyes met and it didn't go unnoticed by Sowon how the two shared a smile before the younger left the area and Eunha left her sister's lap to sit with Yuju. Sowon didn't say a word, and it seems that no one aside from her had noticed it too. 



'Do they know each other?'











Experimenting for something. It can be a potential series.



This is not in any way related to G-Dragon's 'Untitled', it's just that I can't think of any titles. Tell me how you guys think about this though...


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