What am i doing?

I feel hurt,in pain...how can i love you?
The more he was thinking at what he saw few minutes before,song jong ki got angrier as time passed.He followed his ex wife till she reached her house and watched while she opened the door to get inside.When there was no more to see,song jong ki stayed inside his car for a few seconds,in silence just watching the closed door of her house.Song jong ki's heart was in a complete mess,the emotions built up inside his heart,he felt like he was a fool all along not even knowing the reason why. He smiled in a sarcastic way.
"Wait,did they fool me all this time?Is he in love with her?Wait baybe the two of them are in a relationship?A!"He went outsede the car fast and vented his anger kicking the driving wheels of his own car,raging it out aloud.
"I feel like an idiot. She claimed to be all pure and in the right,but look who she is with.Unbelivable"At the moment a really bad idea went trought his mind.
Song hye kyo realized that a carwas to the car that followed her to her house.It seemed familiar but it gave her goosebumps and was unable to sleep well that night.
In the middle of a shooting the next day,he was called by his manager.They took a break and yoo ha in went into the changing room to get a new make up.
"So what is it you want to tell me?"
"Look you have a few more scripts to read"
"I will read them at home"
"Arasso,i have just one thing to tell you"
He was calm and smiled gently,but did not look at the happy face on the manager,since he was with his eyes closed.
The make up artist was doing a fine job but it took a bit of time to make the new look on yoo ah in.
"Say what do you want to say?"
"There is one of the script that already have a leading actress"
"M...i see.I suppose you want to ear me asking you who it is"
"Great senses as always"Smiled the manager.The leading actress is someone you know well"
"O really"He asked,but his tone was not all that curious.
"...You will be surprised for sure"
"m...i see"
"Song hye kyo...she will be the leading lady"
"m...WHAT?"He quickly got up looking at his mangaer direction.The make up artist was taken by surprise and almost all the make up tools would have ended on the floor if she wasn't ready enought to get them before the fall.
"I know you are happy but please respect the job of your make up artist"
"What?"He looked at his side and saw the make up artist.
"Omo,i am sorry"She smiled and waved one of her hand that was empty.
"It's ok,don't worry"He was really sorry.
"I really am sorry."
"It's really ok,there is no problem...but please finish talking before i continue doing the make up...you know so that i could work calmly"She said these words as a bit of a warning,he understood and said nothing,but he only showed an awkaward smile.
"Sure...i will come back soon."He walked to his manager.
"Hey,what kind of script it is?And are you sure she is the leading lady?"He asked in a low voice.The manager laughed happily.
"It's called HOW TO LOVE IN THE CITY JUNGLE"Yoo ah in was speachless,his smile faded a bit.
"...what?...are you serious?"
"Well,it's still in the process...the name i mean,but the thing is that it's going to tell the story of two people...workaolic people.The two of them are crazy about work,one is someone who want to go up the ladder and achive big things since she is poor,the other work like a mad man because he want to show his worth to people,the people who think of him as a pretty face with no reediming quality.As you can think it will be a real jungle in their own respectives jobs.At first they will be quite competitive with each other,or to say it better the girl will think of the man as a treat to her plan to get what she wants,while the man think she is another girl who think about how to sabotage his hard work..."
"...wow...paranoic people?"Even if she is the one to work in the project he really didn't like the premise.
"Yes well,but they are not as bad as they seems.They have their reasons to work so hard,one thing is that they are honest people,the girl in particular will have a really hard time to become a bad woman and so in those times the man will help her and so on and on...this is just a raw depict of the story.If you read the first few episodes you will understand what i mean."
"...Do you think so?..."
"Well,she wouldn't have choosen this drama if it wasn't for the potential of the drama no?"
"Well...this is also true"After thinking about it for all the shooting he finally decided to read the whole script with the first episodes in there.His manager was right.There was more depth in it than what he tought about.It wasn't exagerated and there where no makjang with bad taste,but it was really good.Balancing the sad moments with the happy and funny ones. If their chemistry is played well,this drama has a really good potential.So he smiled and decided to accept the job.
After calling the manager he told him so.
"I decided to accept the drama.Anyway,you really have no talent in making a drama appeal to me you know?"
"Ya,i am a good narrator,stop killing my self esteem,it won't work on me!"
"...it's just my advice to you..i am hanging up,bye"
"Tsk,suit yourself,ungrateful brat"He laughed a bit and hung up the call.
"I need to tell her...or maybe a surprise?"He was fighting with himself,unable to come up with a solution.
"...I decided,i will just tell her "So he called song hye kyo.
"Hi dear friend!"
"...Hi! How are you?"
"Well... really well"
"I am happy for you"
"By the way,you know i just accepted a new drama"
"O really?What is about?"
"Well you know it too"
"...Do i?"She asked puzzled.
"Well,you will be the leading lady,of course you know about the drama"
She stopped for a few seconds..."Are you saying that we will work together?"
"That's right...aren't you happy?"
"Gosh! I am really happy! I can't belive my ears,i wanted to work with you for such a long time! Who knew that we finally will be able to! What a good news"
"You really are happy?"
"I am so glad"He said talking slowly.
Later days the news was everyehere.Two of the biggest stars of the korean entertaininment world,not to mention good friends,finally will work together.Many loved the news some people already wanted them together in real life.But at the same time the ghost of Song jong ki,came back into the picture.People made gossips,about a future love story between the two friends,and how the reality of yu ah in and song jong ki splitting their friendship for her,became a hot topic.Many things happened in just a short period of time and one of the 3 people involved wasn't happy at all.
In the mean time inside a parking lot of an exclusive restaurant in seoul.
"Did you see?The news was everywhere"Asked a girl to her friend as she was opening the button of her car.
"Of course i did.But i wonder...what is all this about?I mean,i heard that the two friends fought back then because of song hye kyo.Now the ex songsong couple was seen on a show once again and now this happened.The news of the best friends,yu ah in and song hye kyo working together as lovers"
The girl who was the first to talk,stopped her friend and smiled like a gossip venom.
"Do you think that back then yu ah in was angry with how jong ki treated song hye kyo?"
"Yes" Said simply the other girl. Exited the other friend,jumped like a little girl. "Then,maybe yu ah in was in love with her back then!"
"Yes,that's my point...now please let me go or else i won't be able to bring you back home today."
"Sorry"The friend obediently let go before jumpig like a little kid.
Not so distant someone heard everything the two girls said.It was song jong ki.He finally realized that maybe it was a real possibiity,no, now that he was thinking about it,Song jong ki was sure that yu ah in,was probably in love with her back in the days,ence the reason for the big reaction on yu ah in's part and the recent talk of the people.Everything seemed to match perfectly inside his head.Sitting alone in the car,song jong ki didn't start the car,but was watching something unknown with a dark face.
Song jong ki got to read many scripts in that morning,he was asked to get a few roles and one of them was about a cameo in this drama,at first he rejected the idea quite soon.But now as things are unfolding,something is telling him to make an apperance in the drama,even if only for a short moment. Thinking for a while he take his phone and dial a number.
"I,it's me.It's still up the role in the drama?...i am happy.Then i decided to be in it..,if you want i can even shoot some more episodes..."He smiled gently"There is no problem.It's ok.Thanks...bye"After hanging up,Song jong ki smile faded away in an istant.
"Sigh"He took a big breath and then leaned to the back of the car seat.Closing his eyes"
"What am i doing?Damn it"He wispered.
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