I feel hurt,in can i love you?
Song jong ki became angry and at the end of the day he just can't belive he have to pass like the bad guy again this time. He smiled to show her just how stupid she is and it made her become really mad. Turning around she said nothing more and walked toward her car. But in that moment he grabbed her arm.
"YA!"She turn around quickly,song hye kyo did not expect him to be that way and panicked. She tried to push him away but he did not even flinch.He started to walk taking her with him,she resisted with all her mind using her other hand but couldn't shake him off,it was of no use.
"Are you crazy?"In the mean time the manager was taken aback,shouting for him to stay away from her,and when she amde her first step to follow them both,his manager stopped her.
"Sunbae,please calm down"
"How do you expect me to calm down when he is taking her away? Didn't you people hurt her enough?!"Her mangaer was really angry but could do nothing since song jong ki managaer was stronger than her.
"I also wasn't happy with his decision,but i can't do nothing more than let them talk"He said trying not to loose his patience.Meanwhile...
The ex song song souple walked quite far from their respectives managers and they where good enough to find a place secure for them to talk.
"I SAID STOP!"She pushed his hand away,song jong ki stopped and turned around slowly while looking at her as if to make a joke out of song hye kyo. She frowned so much her two eye brows seemed to unify together.
"What do you want now?"
"You...still want to be the victim to this day?"She could not belive her ears.What thing is she earing right now? She must be wrong right?
"Right now...what did you just say to me?"She ask again trying to calm herself down.Song jong ki seemed unfazed and answered her with a smile on his face.
"You are playing the victim again this time"After he said those words from him,she made a laughing sound.Sarcastic of course.
"AH!AHAHHAHA."Suddenly she stopped and turned serious again.
"I really hope i heard it wrong.You just tried to put the blame on me?...Let's be good citizens here.I am not without faults that's for sure,i never said otherwise,but i wasn't the only one to do wrong.You did the same. I tried to make us work but you already gave up times way before isn't that so? Then what do you want from me?I am acting like a victim?Then what about you? Till the start you never tried to understand me or to make it work.I felt like you where faking everything!"He could hear a vein popping out.
"Did you finish your nonsense?"
"I tried my best.I really did,but what?every time i had to go to a family gathery you where never there,every time i was complimenting you,you never replied,i wanted to show my love the way i wanted to but what?You said i was faking it? Don't you have a damn concience!?"She was taken aback.It's true,he had to go alone to most of his gathering,it must have made him agnry,but he knew well that she had no choice.
"Then when you have chosen that drama,gosh it made me so mad,why did you had to accept it?!"She finally snapped out.She could let pass if sometimes she let him feel lonely in some occasions,but accused to be a cheeter is a different matter.
"DON'T YOU SAY ANOTHER WORD!"It surely made him surprised,he didn't expect her to be so loud.
"Listen well.Crae,i admit it,i have wronged you in that aspect,i can understand you in that matter and i can't say more than just sorry,even that won't cut it out.But in the sad moments,i was always there for you.This you can't deny it.As for your multiple declaration of love,i am telling you again this time.I didn't like your way of doing things,moreover because you said everything was fine,declaring your love to me when we just had a fight the day before.Does it make sense to you?Also i showed my affection enought to you at home.But it seemed to you like i wasn't enough,you had to show us off.Those things to me seemed more like you where showing a prize.I hated being on the spotlight for our married life,because i was afraid people would start badmouthing and cursing at us.In the end it happened. As for the drama? can say everything,i can make it pass but..."She shook gently her head while looking at his eyes.
"You can't make me a cheeter when i am not one. When i got the script,i read it with you.Later on i also heard the news that maybe your friend would be participating...what i heard of it the first thing i did was ask if i shoul accept it,what was you answer?...what it was?"He paused for a second remaining taken aback. A flash back brought him back to that day.The two of them where sitting on the couch,he watched at the TV while she was looking at the script she was interested with.After reciving a call her face became a bit unconnfortable.
"Crae.Thank you"She looked toward his side.
"What is it kyo?"She walked to the couch and sat down beside him.
"Do you remember this script?"He looked at the paper in her hands and then at her.
"I just got a call and the lead male is...your friend park bo gum"He was shocked but tried to not let it show.
"Should i turn it down?"He looked at her for a few seconds,she was sincerly concerned.Song hye kyo was ready to put down the whole project with only one word from him, but he decided to play it cool,turning back to watch the tv.
"It doesn't matter.Just do a good job as always"But she insisted.
"It made me unconfortable.I know what you are thinking.You are right,i really wanted to do this project but if you want me to back down i will.I don't want to be any misuderstanding between us"She was determined and there for an istant he wanted to tell her.Turn it down.Don't do it.But then again thinking it this way he didn't even ask her permission to film asandal,when she read the script the scenes where intense between him and kim ji won, but he didn't ask for her opinion,if do it or not.He didn't have the same heart,but she did.Back to the present he had totally forgot about that day.
"It seems like you remembered.Crae i asked you and you just said,go ahead,what's the problem.We are actors,it's not like we have to fight and ask permissions from each other every single time,it would be just absurd...and so i agreed. I belived your words.The scenes that i did,you knew i would have to act them you knew,but you didn't stop me from doing the drama.I tought,wow,this is good,our first trial,maybe it's going to be alright for us.But now what?You are giving me the fault?You are accusing me to have cheated on you when i just did my job?!...then what about Park bo gum?Did you have to make him feel like the one at fault too?For god sake!He didn't do anything to me and you know that!"
"Well it seemes like you where wrong all along.I did mind it,i was livid from jealousy,it was you who should have understood me.
She was so angry she felt like slapping him"I see...i should have...talking about cheating.I think you are the one who cheated on me"
"What?"He said surprised and incredulous.
"Why?I find it really strange i mean yes we where at each others throats all along but a divorce?I never tought about it and surely i didn't expect to know about my divorce trought the morning news...shouldn't we have talked about the details before revealing it to the public? you had to go ahead and do your things...ya,i really touaght at that time...why was he in such a hurry?Aaaa,i know he want to let know to his sweet girlfriend that she and him are finally free to be together...who it was?" She touched her ching and smiled in a challenging way."AAA,maybe your lead actress,the cute Kim ji won?"She told him traight. He felt like being pierced in the heart. Is she for real? Did she really think so?
"Are you for real?"She shook her shoulder."Why not?Didn't you make me an adulterer in front of the whole world?"
"I didn't say a word about you cheating!"
"But you meant it.As you just said you where jealous,but who knows why?Ah!By the way,i am so pissed off,you will always remain just a handsome man and if you ever cheated on me it would pass like a breezing air passing by,because you a man can have that much freedom,but i would pass like a ..."She couldn't bear to say those words and he panicked,it wasn;t his intention to make her think that way,he knows better that anyone what kind of person she is."...but as if nothing happened,i have to get every damn blow and stone thown at me.I am a cheater,i easly fall in love on the set of my dramas"She started to get emotional while her voice slowly raise at every words she say.
"You say you always where the one to be in the right,but you never tought about the way i am and how much i cherised us!You never considered my point of view and the way i always hurt inside!"
"You never said anything!"
"I had to understand you but not you?Let me say back your own words.You never talked to me properly!!!"
"You did the same!!!"Their voices where heard till the place where their managers where.They panicked.
"Gosh if people heard them it will be a huge scandal,not again!"
"Damn it,we have to stop them!"
Back to the ex songsong couple.Taking time to breath,their eyes where still on each other,determined not to show any weakness,even tought song hye kyo's eyes became red and he saw them.A piercing pain have surfaced in his heart.
"Damn it"He said,then looked away from her.
"It's not like that"
"No?But i know you had many girls after we divorced,there where proof,where those pictures fake too?"
"A!see,there was someone already,but i was the one to be called a cheater"
"No...i didn't mean it that way"He said pissed as the guilty conscience flew all over his face.She understood.She took a deep breath to calm down.
"You don't have to explain.I have nothing to say either,i don't care anymore,we went our separate way,you made your chioices and i made mine.I don't care anymore what you did or what you didn't...i not interested in you"He didn't know why...he really didn't.He just hoped that she would stop saying those irritating words she is so proud of,and just shut up.Song hye kyo turned around and made a few steps.while he was in turmoil. But just then she stopped and didn't look back at him.
"Just let me tell you one thing.I may have done things that hurt you,i am sorry for that,but i tried my best to adapt to my married life with you,you may not know but i gave up many things and project to spent a day more with you because...i really loved you and cherished you.But it seemed like i didn't show it enough..."FInally she decided to look at him,her expression was stern.
"I hope to never see you again.I will make sure to not even run into your image..."For once he felt like something broke for the last time inside him.
"This is a goodbye"Then she walked away and he stood there,watching her back walking away with her elegant figure disappearing in the distance.He could only hear a loud voice.
"KYO!"And then nothing more.He waited for her car to leave before walking back to his own car,where his manager was waiting for him.
"She left"
"I know,i saw her car leaving the parking lot"
"...let's go"
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