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I feel hurt,in pain...how can i love you?

Song hye kyo looked down on her plate and then played a bit with her glass before smiling a bit and looking into his eyes.

"Do you have  something you want to ask me?"He was a bit uncertain if he could ask or not,but he decided to talk anyway.

"Well...i heard about you two and the show in china.How did you feel about it?"She stopped circleing the glass and then put her hand down.

"Well,you know i never tought something like that would happened.I mean that damn show.And people..."She laughed sarcastically.
"I am still on the same spot as before.But now they want me to get together with him.Those people are really...cruel to me." He felt sad seeing her that way.
"Then can i ask you just one question?But i want a real and sincere answer."
"...What do you want to ask me?Speak"
"You saw him again after many years,how did you feel?"She look at him,her expression wasn't something good to see.
"What are you asking?Speak clearly" Yoo ah in saw that she was annoyed by the question,but he asked anyway once more.
"I want to know if you felt anything when you where together with him.Other than hate and guilt...what did you feel about song jong ki"That last few words crushed into her like a nuclear bomb. She cletched her left hand into a fist.He eyes lost their precious playfulness and became void of good feelings but full of coldness, and hate came out from her small mouth.
"What i felt?...i felt like i wanted to smack his face with a hammer,i wanted to just leave him in the dust and never see him again.Unfortunately i couldn't"She smiled sarcastically and yoo ah in clenched his fist as he listened to her venomous words.
"You know,the sweet guy who always told the world how much he loved me and wanted to treat me better,the one that only days before his drama said to the press that everything was fine and then filled a divorce paper behind my back...in this damn show told me how stupid i was.Said i should act better,because or else people will see just how much i hate him."As her words became meaner and fiercer her beautiful face became ruined by the wrinkle that her rage changed her small and tender face.
"I hated the smell of his shirt,it reminded me of the past moments.I had to act playful and smile before the camera while in reality i just wanted to throw stones at him!"He realized that he asked too much and tried to calm her down.
"Cam down...i didn't mean to make you this upset."
"No. I will answer.You wanted to know in fact if i had any feelings left right?I will tell you..."She look straight at his eyes.
"I regret ever meeting him in this life of mine...yoo ah in"The latter part was said with a smaller voice than the rest of the sentence.It came with a more pained expression she had on her face. Her pain was on her face once again. Who knew she would be just as much mad at him as in the past.
Being speachless didn't explain the way song jong ki was feeling at the moment. These pictures he held in his hands, made him go quiet.
"How do i even explain this?why did you even give me this?"
"Well,dear,people want to know about this and since they know how "OPEN" you can be in talking about you and song hye kyo,many shows wanted to ask you to star in their programs."He threw away the proposals he was given,to the ground, making the manager scream in fear"NOOOOOOOOOOOOo! WHY? don't throw them away"Song jong ki gets up and decided to take his things and leave the room.
"Where are yo going?"
"I want to leave.It's not like i have any more things to do right now,so why do i have to stay behind and hear such stupid things?"
"Sigh...fine.Do what the heck you want to do."The manager in a fit take the things he threw away and left all the same.Song jong ki was unable to make head or tail of what he saw the night before....
The night before,song jong ki was sad and felt down. After he saw song hye kyo his firm world,seemed to shake after so many years.So, like before he wanted to see his friend who knew her as well,yoo ah in.The problem was that he was no longer his good friend after he made the decision to leave her behind.Yoo ah in was clear,one time,when he announced that he wanted to marry song hye kyo,yoo ah in said these words:
"You don't know how much she mean to me.But i will leave her to you,because i trust you will make her happy"
"Of course don't worry! I will protect her and never leaver her side"Song jong ki answered
"That's good"The two men where smiling when suddenly yoo ah in said some strange things.
"You better do what you said because...if you make her cry and i came to know about it,then take into account that i will throw a punch in your face and i will take her away from you"That time he took it as a joke even tought it was a bit strange to say things like that, it's also true that he did not give much importance to it.
After the news of the divorce he really got a punch in the face from yoo ah in,that promise became true and now...maybe he also understood the words I WILL TAKE HER AWAY FROM YOU,he said back then.
Back to the present he went to yoo ah in house,but dared not to ask yoo ah in to talk a bit with him.He just wanted to strool a bit outside when he saw a familiar car entering his villa's parking lot. His eyes could not belive it,walking a bit closer he recognized the car.
"...that car"That name stuck right into his throat found it's way into reality,after he saw that familiar face coming out of the car.Confirming his theory
"Song hye kyo"Song jong ki felt like it was all a lie.What does that mean?Why is she alone into his house?!
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