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"Please give me a chance." That's what he said.

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As the tradition of shipping the youngest (maknae) of a female and male idol group is the most hyped, the world famous idol groups BLACKPINK and BTS were treated no less differently and had to eventually fall in the clutches of fan shipping. As awkward as it seemed to the idols themselves, Lisa of BLACKPINK and Jungkook of BTS were one of the most shipped idols of the third generation.

Though the fans weren't also ignorant to the uncanny similarities that seemed to be between Lisa and the second youngest idol of BTS, Kim Taehyung. They share the uncanny similar qualities of best visuals, great dancers, and having the polar opposite personalities once on the stage. Having the kindest hearts among all group members, they were also the most childish among all the members. And eventually, fans began shipping them more than Lisa with Jungkook.

The korean entertainment industry itself couldn't turn a blind eye on their growing chemistry. As they were the most wanted for couple cfs.

Which gave way to the dance collaboration of the year 2019, betweent the Heartthrob, Kim Taehyung of BTS and Dancing Queen, Lalisa Manoban of BLACKPINK.

Will the collab result into a huge hit or will it be just like the past collaborations? How will the fans of both groups handle their idols interacting, when they pretty much hate the mere thought of their shipping? Will they be able to see and feel the heavy tension that would arise the moment Lisa and Taehyung step on stage?

And mainly how would Taehyung and Lisa themselves ignore the heavy tension and atttaction that they feel around each other?

Will one of them eventually give in? Or will they keep their feelings aside and do what they are told to do?

The latter one seems like a bad choice. Doesn't it?

Let's see.


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