4. Frozen Heart

Chance | TaeLice
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A warm smile and a pure soul is enough to thaw a frozen heart.


As I led Taehyung along with our managers into the elevator, the only thought that ran through my head was -

This is pure bull.

Standing at such close proximity just across from him, I couldn't avoid his presence. And I knew that I should probably strike up a conversation.. 

I eventually looked at him, opening my mouth to at least say something to only find him busy on his phone.

Ugh. How didn't I even realize that he was already talking to someone on the phone.. I mean, he was standing right next to me.

Straying my eyes away to not seem like a fool my gaze found Mr. Choi's, who seemed to already stare at me with such intense prying eyes that I had to eventually look away.

What the hell?

I couldn't have been more thankful and felt instant relief when we finally landed on the ground floor and I almost ran out.

I had already discussed with my manager that it would be totally up to Taehyung and his manager if they wanted to join us in one car or if they wanted to follow us in their own.

I stood with my manager while waiting for Taehyung to join us, but he seemed to be in a deep discussion with his manager.

"What's up, Lisa? Calm down. With the way you are acting... we are all getting tensed. This is so not you." My manager finally voiced out what I was definitely sure he had been wanting to ask since long before.

"Huh? Everything's fine.. nothing's wrong. I just need some caffeine in me. That's it. Do you think we can get some before going to the studio?" 

Coffee was definitely what I needed to evade the raging headache that I am currently feeling. But it was mainly to avoid the main topic at hand that I am not ready to discuss.

Not yet anyways.

My manager slightly rolled his eyes before giving me a nod with a small smile.

They were interrupted by a deep clearing throat right across from them.

I looked up to see Taehyung standing alone across from me sans the curious manager, Mr. Choi.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything... I've just sent my manager away for now so that we can travel together. I hope it's okay with you, Lisa ssi." Taehyung gazed at her enquiringly and smiled once I nodded my head at him.

"Yes, of course! But first, why don't we grab some coffee? Um.. I hope you are okay with that Mr. Taehyung?"

"Just call me Taehyung. We are colleagues after all. And I'll call you only Lisa.. if it's okay with you?"

"Yes, it's alright. Um.. let's leave then, shall we?" I asked softly, ignoring the amused smile that my manager was currently sporting.

I was immediately thrown aback b

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