6. New Something

Chance | TaeLice
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A/N: Happy one-month anniversary to this story. I really hope you guys are enjoying it. Appreciation and you guys' enjoyment is what I seek. I would really like it more if some of ya would also upvote on the chapters and comment in your views. :D

Okay I swear.. I really have a thing for my biases in dark hairs. In fact, all of them. Ah. Idk why tho.. it just brings out a sense of serenity from their expressions. Kay, movin ahead.

AND lastly.. we are getting a BLACKPINK and BTS comeback right back to back! How cool is that? Righty..



Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself.


My knees slightly shook in anticipation and excitement. It really felt surreal that I was going to visit the Big Hit studio where their huge big bop songs were created and where BTS choreographed and shooted their dance practices. And I am going to collab with one of them, considering BTS was sort of a lengendary team, almost like  BIG BANG for us. Both groups could never be compared but no one could deny their talent either.

Bloody Mad. Was what everything felt to her.

"Can I do a Vlog? For my youtube blog." I almost blurted out.

"For LiliFilms? Yes! I am sure our managers can help you with that. Did you bring your camera with you?" Taehyung asked curiously.

"Ah.. yes. I always keep my camera with me."
I nodded, slightly embarassed.

"Same. The feeling of capturing something unexpected makes me almost paranoid that I'll miss my chance. Which is why I also have my camera with all the time.." Taehyung smiled at me understandingly.

I gratefully smiled back at him. At least he felt the same unlike many others who constantly felt the need to nag at me for carrying my camera around.

"Wait. You have watched my vlogs from Lilifilms?!" I exclaimed.

"Um.. yeah. When you began with the blog.. it was such a buzz around in the social media that I don't think anyone could have ignored it. I just feel really embarassed that some of the Armys had the audacity to attack you for no reason. I am truly sorry." Taehyung slightly bowed his head in apology.

"Well, it didn't bother me one bit. So please don't apologize. We have all been trained to face such types of fans and with time I have learnt to not give them any attention when I can do something rather productive."

"I am glad then." They shared another small smile.

"Yah.. Lisa. Do you want to go to the wishing well?" Her manager's v

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