1. An Easy Task, is it?

Chance | TaeLice
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To accomplish a difficult task, one must first make it an easy one.


Lisa awoke slowly to the quiet whispers of Jennie and Jisoo beside her. Stretching her neck, she slowly felt at the sore spots. Falling asleep in a van isn't an easy feat. She missed her bed. Terribly.

Hearing her soft groans, Jisoo, hovered over her seat, "Morning, sunshine. We are almost at our dorm."

"Did we really practice the entire night at the YG Studio? I know I missed our practice times at the studio but I never wanted to practice overnight." Lisa groaned while rubbing her sore neck.

"It's only for a few more days, Lisa. And then we will have our comeback. As this will be the last one for this year, we have to also practice more because of the hard and tricky choreo. YG wants us to practice till we can do the steps, all by-heart even while half-asleep. Chaeng didn't even get the chance to come along with us to the dorm. She has a nap break for about 3 hours and then she has to get back to practicing for her solo. I wish they would cut her some slack." Jennie sighed.

They all sighed. They all felt terribly guilty for even taking a break without Chaeng.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Lisa, YG called and he said that he wants you to at his office at 11 sharp. Alone." Jisoo exclaimed.

"Me? Alone? But.. do you know the reason why?" Lisa tried her best not to act like a brat and stopped herself from stomping her feet petulantly. Well, almost.

Jisoo and Jennie both cracked up at her pouting face.

Jisoo finally said, "Nope. We have no idea. I just hope it's nothing bad for us."

"Me too." Jennie and Lisa mumbled simultaneously, while getting into deep thoughts.


After a couple of hours

Lisa quickly stepped out of the van and almost dashed into the YG building. Stepping inside the building and into the horrid seventh floor, she reminisced Jennie's view point when she was called her in for her scandal with Kai back at the start of the year.

Lisa felt a shiver run down her spine at that very thought. She never wants to visit this horrid floor over a boy. Never.<

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