Paper Pieces


Somewhere along their friendship, Yunhyeong fell in love with his bestfriend Hanbin. He never wanted, but he did. Now it's getting harder and harder to keep his feelings at bay, but he is resolute to keep it all in him until it fades away. Their friendship is the most important thing to him and he is willing to sacrifice his love and endure all the pain just to maintain it that way.

Jung Chanwoo never wanted complications. He wanted to live simply - go to school, play online games and watch baseball and that's all enough for him. But things do not always go the way we wanted it to be, he never expected this out the blue friendship will put him in a mess he never dared to be in.


Hi Everyone!

This is my first time writing a fanfiction since I prefer just to read one, but iKon is making it hard for me to do it so here I am, please bear with me. I have this unfinished story lying around so I just changed the characters to iKon members (FYI Jinhwan's character is originally a girl.). I'm sorry in advance if I missed some names or pronouns. I'll just get back to it.

I hope iKon members are not so out of character here even though I feel like they are.

This was supposed to be a ROMCOM story than a dramatic one but it somehow came out like this. Though I will try to have bits of both.

Let me know what you all think. Enjoy!




PS: Cover not mine, found it here Credits to the real owner. 

What do you think of the ending? Does it make sense? Let me know. :-)
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