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Jisoo read an article. It was about Jennie and Kai's relationship.



I don't have anything against EXO's Kai or BLACKPINK's Jennie.

They are actually two of the few artists that I respect as an artist.


Anyway enjoy the angst while it lasts.

Don't worry guys, the angst will surely come in the next few chapters. (evil but friendly smile)


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Chapter 9: But....lisoo sure do sails so hard these glad.hahah
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Chapter 9: Jennie is being a selfish fool. She wants to be Jisoo's priority but refuses to make Jisoo her own priority, I have to laugh. Taking distance from Jennie is exactly the right thing to do. Of course they can't go back to their previous relationship. I sense Lisoo development but I thought Chaelisa like each other or maybe they do and Jisoo is just helping out.
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Chapter 9: Too soon! TT^TT
Jichu needs to heal first! Also, Jennie should know better and help her unnie and be there for her, she knows that she's hurting.
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Chapter 9: Oh .... Jisoo is moving on to Lisa???
I love Jensoo but AUTHOR-NIM, this making me curious xD

Cant wait for the next one
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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Honestly I still want Jensoo but oh well. can't wait til the next update tho. Please update soon <3
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Chapter 9: Okay we going lisoo maybe hahah
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Chapter 9: more and more
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Chapter 9: more and more
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Chapter 4: Update more
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Chapter 9: we're going Lisoo?