My unrequited Love

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Wendy is a seeker for answers. However, she leaves one case for an exception. She can never put her finger to her friendship with Irene and she has no right to define her feelings for Irene because it simply can never happen. In a society that looks down in bi people or even loving the same gender is wrong, and despite Wendy’s friendly nature, she knew deep down she can never be happy. 


Sorry everyone for this mess that I’ve posted. Will re-edit if there’s any grammar mistakes tomorrow.


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WluvsBaetokki #1
Chapter 15: Hoping Irene would bring justice to those 4 s.
Gr33nPow3r #2
Chapter 15: Poor wannie I'm glad those guys didn't get to hurt her further and she was able to stop them. Atleast her hyunnie will be there to comfort her. I really love your writing can't wait for the next update! Thank you!
Gr33nPow3r #3
Chapter 13: Hi! New reader here. I haven't read any wenrene fics in a while and I just randomly saw your Twitter update for a new chapter. I was like why not sounds interesting. Well... it is now 2am and I am hooked! The way you wrote this chapter and how you delved into their feelings is beautiful! Thank you and I hope to read more from you! Keep up the great work!
Chapter 15: Love how you described their new found love and affections for each other. Though the assault part was kinda hard to read through.. But it also mean it's well written!
Chapter 15: What they do to Wendy. They. Should lock in jail. It crimes. Poor her . But good that she fight back. And Irene there to help her.
Desirsenja #6
Chapter 14: Waiting for the next chapter author-nim
WluvsBaetokki #7
Chapter 14: Ahhhh finally Joo-Hyun realized her feelings and succumbed to her desires. I am so glad Joo-Hyun was the one who initiated first. I am just hoping that there will be no regrets the following morning.

I had to reread from the start cz I kinda forgot some of the happenings and also wanna savor the story. And boy was I floored with the update!

Thank you author-nim for giving us updates despite your busy schedule. Good luck with your finals! Hwaiting!
Chapter 14: They love each other for so so long and when it time comes they can't resist desire.
It stream hot chapter but it beautiful too
190 streak #9
Chapter 14: isn’t this more of an m than tw? 🤭

anywaaaay. woah there. 🫣 things got spicy real quick 🫣🤭

Best of luck on your exams~ 🙏🏼🙏🏼
jn2_2n #10
Chapter 14: That took a turn and I’m loving it. 😃 like whaaaasst amazing update author.

Don’t worry about updating, studying is way more important. We will be here waiting when you come back.