Episode 11: Jeju Island!

My unrequited Love
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“Let’s go Jeju ISLAND!”


Everyone cheered as well followed by Leeteuk’s voice booming onto the loudspeaker. “Have a blast everyone!”


Soon after, everyone boarded the plane.


“Hyun-ah can I sit next to the window?”


Irene knew Wendy was fond of the sunny picturesque of the luscious blue sky. By the looks of her animated expression, Irene could tell Wendy was excited for the trip. Coincidently since they did check-in together their flight tickets, they were assigned to be seated next to each other.


Irene replied, “Sure.”




“Of course. Now take my offer before I reconsider my decision.” She teased.


“Thank you hyun-ahhh!” Wendy beamed. The Bae Heiress helped Wendy to put their hand carry luggage into the top shelf compartment.


As soon as they settled comfortably at their seats, Wendy lifted the arm rest and cued her friend to inch closer to her side after noticing that the guy sitting beside Irene kept throwing occasional glances at her. Irene paid no heed to him but Wendy can see a slight discomfort from the corners of her eyes.


Irene naturally s her arms around Wendy’s elbows and held her hand with their fingers laced together. She rested her head on Wendy’s shoulders. “By the way, why do you always look surprise?” She whispered.


Wendy raised her eyebrows, not following with the imposed question. “What?”


Irene glanced at how she was playfully circling her fingers on Wendy’s palms as she spoke, “You know~ When I offered to carry your stuff just now. And there’re couple of times I still find you looking all surprised when I offered you help. And don’t ask me how I know that. It was written on your face.”


Wendy seem flustered for a moment. Irene observed the hamster’s face. She was opening and closing for a couple of times. It was as if she was caught red-handed for a crime that she never committed. There was a pause between the girls.


Wendy’s hands caressed Irene’s fingertips, as she was trying construct her sentences. “Hmn . . . Don’t take this the wrong way Hyun.”


Irene gently squeezed the hamster’s hands as she gave a small nod to indicate Wendy to continue on with her words.


“Well . . . During the period when we were getting to know each other as friends . . . you gave me the impression that you were not the type to um . . . help others to carry heavy stuff. And as I gotten close to you, my theory was more or less re-affirmed. . .”


“Soo?” Irene raised her eyebrows.


“Soo when I started seeing you helping me to carry stuff, that was something new for me.”


Irene broke away from their intertwined fingers, “And you don’t like it?” she pouted.


Wendy hastily blurted out, “What!? NO! It’s the opposite!” Wendy’s hands were frantically all over the place to impose her opposition towards Irene’s remarks. She could see Wendy’s ears were in red shades.


Irene chortled in response. “Pabo. I was just teasing you.” Irene pinched the hamster nose gently.


Wendy pressed her nose cutely as she squinted her eyes. “Hmn . . . how do I express this . . . Rather I was surprised that you had that side of you. And the fact that you helped me. . . I felt like ahh that’s what it feels like to be taken care off. It was so pleasant. I really LOVE it even. I really really appreciate that hyun-ah. Not that I mean you never cared about me or anything!”


Irene wore a bright smile on her face. How small simple things she did for the hamster could touch Wendy’s heart. The Bae Heiress decided to take note of the hamster’s words to heart. In their relationship dynamics, she was always on the receiving end most of the time.


Sometimes, she wondered why Wendy enjoying doing small simple gestures for her.


She fondly recalled after she was recently elected as the student council, there were several general meetings that were held and documents to be approved. Eyes were all on her. She didn’t want to make any blunders that she ended up skipping her meals.


They were having a casual conversation with the girls as usual and she was chattering away about her hectic schedule. Wendy proceed to inquire about her schedule for the week in which she did enlightened her. The next day, Irene got a text from Wendy, saying that she was waiting outside her condominium. She sprang towards the door only to find the hamster surprised her at her doorstep with a lunchbox before she’s off to the student council. Wendy didn’t say anything and continued to pack her lunch during her busy schedule. It was only until Wendy knew that Irene had spare time to have her lunch at the school cafeteria that Wendy stopped packing her lunch.


Irene wondered why Wendy would go through the hassle to make her the lunchbox. Heck, she didn’t have the patience to cook and do the same as Wendy for Joy or Seulgi. Hence, she was sceptical with accepting people’s kindness because people had their own intentions behind their actions. Yet, the more she observed the hamster’s words and body language, she knew the hamster was being genuine. It was Wendy’s sincerity in supporting her endeavours. A feeling of gratitude surged over her. There was a sense of tranquillity, so reassuring like a gentle snug that warms the cockles of her heart.


Wendy became her safe zone. She knew she had opened up to her completely. Who wouldn’t? Not when the gentle Wendy is always being attentive towards her and showed her nothing but love, kindness and affections.


The fact that Wendy appreciated her small efforts and she was even praised for her actions, she loves it as well. Perhaps this is why Wendy loves to give her a tons of affection though her actions. It was a gratifying feeling and it made her feel ticklish. Wendy whom you need to give a lot of love to, she’ll give it all to her.


She uttered with a beaming smile of pride, “Thanks for being honest. Well, I’ll do more and more pleasant things for you from now on.” Irene patted the hamster’s knees.


“No. Both of us will do more and more pleasant things to each other from now on.” She said. Wendy could see the affectionate gaze Irene was giving, with a smile that stretched till the end of her cheeks.


Wendy tittered. She can see how the bunny was pleased for being praised for her actions. It was an endearing sight to behold. Like a child being praised. She was melting in her presence again.


Wendy muttered, “You’re adorable.”


Irene had a firm grip onto Wendy’s hands as she gave a mischievous smirk in return, “When was I never.”


When they touched down at Jeju Island Airport, the chirpy campers took the bus. It was another 2 hour journey to their cottage. Wendy was in awe. Under the scorching sun, there was a composite of beautiful rainbow hues illuminated splendidly onto the hills with green grasses.


She was in trance with the view, until someone decided to distract her. “Wendy! Hello~” Joy hissed from behind.




“Ehh this trip have lots of hotties right.” Joy wriggled her eyebrow, before cracking into a playful smirk.


Wendy looked at her though the gaps of the seats with an unimpressed look plastered on her face. “Nah. You know what you’re the actual hottie Joy-nim.”


Joy had a smug on her face. She flipped her hair, “Yes. As expected from the Shon. You have excellent taste. Praise me more please.”


Yeri snickered. “Look at this girl. Just one praise, her heads in the clouds. Tsk Tsk.”




“Joy you have something to say to your elder here?” Mr Kim, the teacher in-charge of the camping trip peered at Joy’s direction suspiciously.


“N-Nothing Mr. Kim.” Joy looked at Yeri in disdain. “You’re such a devil!” She sneered.


“Hey I’m innocent here. Anyway, have you guys noticed Chanyeol had been looking at our side here. My devil instincts are telling me he’s looking at you Wendy.”


Irene hissed. “What?! Did he bother you Seungwannie?”


“Pfft ahahaha. Aigoo Yeri you sure know how to jest.” Wendy tittered. Wendy shook her head and whispered close to Irene’s, “Nah he didn’t. I’ll explain.”


“Heyy believe in my devil radar here, Wendy. I have lost count how many times that handsome hunk have been looking at you bruh. I don’t see other fair suitors looking at you intensely like him.”


“He looks like a potato to me.” Irene spoke without betting an eye, clearly immune with his looks.


Yeri and Joy looked at one another. They gave a look which was clearly screaming ‘Why am I not surprised’. They could definitely feel Irene’s beauty and radiance oozing off from her. Well. . . if Irene sees her own face every day in the mirror then they can understand why she was immune to the guy.


“Chanyeol? EYY don’t listen to the grandma here. Take it from ME. He’s quite a good option Wendy! Damn his muscular body with such unique features. He almost look like a real life elf.” Joy exclaimed.


Yeri then responded, “Joy calm your . You’re so superficial. Are looks the only thing you got from the guy.”


“Tsk. Don’t look down on me devil. My heart is bigger than my . I also heard that he’s such a gentleman and always helped those in need. And his family background is very well off too. So of course I’ll recommend Wendy to go for him.”


“Eyy chill. Though it surprises me that you did quite a digging on the guy, still thanks for the info Joy. But really Chanyeol has nothing but a kind person who has been guiding me during the librarian board. And plus he told me recently that he liked someone as well and even asked advise on how to court the girl. Soo you can kiss you imaginary thoughts goodbye.”


“Huh. . . Was my instinct wrong this time?” Yeri said as she took a quick glimpse at the well-known elf-prince behind their seats.


When the girls finally decided to take a nap, Wendy caught a sight of the Bae’s unreadable expression as her eyes had been staring hard onto her phone’s screen.


Wendy tapped onto her shoulder.

“Omo kamchagiya!” Irene pressed her fingertips onto her collarbone as she closed her eyes while heaving a long sigh.


“Mianhae. I was wondering if something’s bothering you? Or are you feeling unwell. Because you seem out of spirits.” Wendy put her hands in hers and Irene reciprocate the gesture by putting her hands in hers as well.


“Aniya. Thanks for your concern Seungwannie. Just work-related stuff.”


“Hmn. Is there anything I can do?”


“No. No. . . Hmn. . . on second thought maybe some cuddles would be nice.” Irene held Wendy’s hands tightly.


Wendy nodded and removed the seat divider between them. Again, Irene wanted to rest her head onto her shoulders when Wendy stopped her. “I got a mini pillow for you so that you won’t feel uncomfortable.” Wendy smiled triumphantly.


There was genuine sincerity bore from the depth of her eyes to the gentle expression of her voice. “You never ceased to surprise me with random small gestures Butter Wannie.” Irene lightly chuckled.


Wendy properly lean her body onto the bus’s wall. Both settled comfortably next to each other. They held one another with each of their arms wrapped around the other’s body. Her arms stretched till the side lines of Wendy’s waist.


Irene could hear it. Wendy’s heart is beating. Well and alive. There was a sense of tenderness within the warmth that they shared as Irene lean over near Wendy’s chest like a cat rubbing onto its favourite comforter. Wendy placed the mini pillow below her head and Irene complied without any resistance. Wendy encircled her arms and held onto Irene’s upper arm.


Irene hugged her, as if she was making sure there was no air left between them. She finally lean her head onto Wendy’s shoulder with the mini pillow in between after she was satisfied hugging Wendy.


Wendy felt her ears were burning red. The feelings that she’s experiencing right now felt as if it was too good to be true like the world was only revolving around just the two of them. An indescribable emotion that made her felt like she was on cloud’s nine as if her heart’s frequency was resonating so perfectly well with Irene’s heart frequency as well. It was so sweet that it also scared her at the same time.


She shook off her useless thoughts and decided to let things flow as it be. After several pats on the Bae’s head and gentle caress on her arms, Wendy fell into deep slumber together with Irene.






When we arrived at the base of the hill, we had a lunch break before continuing on with our journey. Mr. Kim informed us that we’ll take a hike up the hill before finally reaching the cottage.


As we ventured into the depths of the forests’ trails after our lunch break, we decided to take a shortcut on our way up. I find peace and tranquillity with nature. I can feel the moisture hanging in the air. I closed my eyes, breathing in a waft of refreshing crisp of nature after the gentle rain.


“WOAH!!!!” I scremed.


Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t have time to think. I could feel the people from behind immediately sprang into action. I sensed the force that pushed my back from behind. One person in particular swiftly griped onto my waist to prevent my lame from falling behind. I instinctively held onto his arms that was to closest to me to secure my footing while my other hand held onto his broad shoulders.


I almost slipped due to the slippery rocks. I seriously need to get a new pair of shoes. “Holy Guacamole! That scared the crap out of me.” I exclaimed, finally breathing out in relief.


I expressed my gratitude to the persons who saved my from falling. “Thanks guys.” I had a weird dejavu again. I looked up to the person who hold onto my waist firmly, “and also Thanks for the catch Chanyeol-ssi.” I smiled as I looked at him in silence, hinting my appreciation for his help. As I was about to break away from his grip, my lame once again slipped so I can feel Chanyeol quickly held me close to his embrace, making sure I was safe.


“Oh my god! I’m such a clutz. I’m so so sorry Chanyeol-ssi. Thanks again. I owe u twice ahaha.”


“Eyy Noona. You can drop the honorifics. Aren’t we close already? Just call me Channie. People around me called me by that.” Chanyeol beamed.


If I was being honest, for a split second as I look up close to him, I genuinely acknowledged that Chanyeol was indeed attractive and beautiful. Very charming lad. I can understand why my classmates were always gushing how attractive he was. “O-Oh if you don’t mind . . . then Channie.”


“Then I’ll call you Wannie. Kol?” Chanyeol tried to give a wink but he ended up blinking both of his eyes instead. Then he tried to salvage with another wink.


I busted into laughter when I noticed how funny his antic was. But I gave him a nod in approval. But my laughter was cut short when my senses began to tingle as if there was a piercing cold gaze shooting right at me. I immediately shivered.


“Um Ch-Channie.”


“Yes Wannie~?”


“You can-” I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind. A familiar lavender scent that I knew so well hung in the air.


“. . . you can let go of me now.” I said shyly after snapping out from our short conversation when I noticed everyone’s eyes were on me and Chanyeol.


“Ah-Ah! Right.” Chanyeol replied awkwardly as he retracted his arms from my waist.


“Did you sprain your legs?” Irene whispered softly as she carefully held my hands in hers.


I smiled at her warmly. “Ah thankfully no.”




“Nice catch, player.” Leeteuk sunbae teased Chanyeol when he re-joined the boys group.


When Chanyeol turn his head, peaking at Wendy’s way to check on her one last time, he noticed Irene was staring fiercely at him as she crossed her arms around her chest. Feeling intimated by her death glare, he hastily avert his gaze away.


Joy and Yeri joined the duo shortly after Chanyeol

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