Episode 5: It felt like a dream

My unrequited Love
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Author’s PoV


The little hamster’s eyes became a little blurry as she yawned sleepily. She felt the tingling warmth that makes her wanted to wrap her body against such pleasant feeling. She could feel her left arm was pinned down, her hands cradling something close to her chest. Her right arm rested comfortably on her bolster, hugging it tightly into her embrace.


Her eyes are closed. Her lips curving up till the end of her cheeks as she enjoyed sniffling a familiar light airy fresh lavender fabric fragrance; so aromatic and heavenly, unconsciously pulling her body closer to the source. It felt so comforting for some reason.


A slight moan escaped from the other end of her side. Her heavy eyelids flutter lazily. As much as she found herself attached to the gratifying feeling, it felt rather more odd than usual. Another heart beat was heard. Her fuzzy vision was in her view; an opaque object in front of her.


When her view came in sight, it took her a few seconds to load her brain to finally realise that a goddess was lying in her arms, so immensely close to her heartbeat.



Such pretty eyelashes, perfect lips and her messy luscious hair is best described as ‘one-shot, one kill’.  Her face flushed after registering their current position. She gulped. At the spur of the moment, she felt her soul was leaving her. Her mind was plainly blank without any rush of thoughts; haywire to put it bluntly.



Bae Joohyun was sleeping soundly, curling herself up, moulding into Wendy’s body and her legs are literally clinging onto her waist. Such intimacy was causing her mind to overload, probably smoke erupting out from her ears. Wendy threaded her fingers though her disheveled hair, where it curled over her ears. 



Wendy’s couldn’t take her eyes off from her best friend and her steady heartbeat had escalated to an unstable rhythmic breathing.



She retracted away her hands. She bit her lower lips, trying to escape such torturous state without waking her friend up. As slips her hands and legs away from the adorable bunny, she gasped quietly when a sudden force pulled her back closer to Irene’s face. Wendy swiftly held her hands to prevent herself to drop her weight onto Irene. Their lips are merely inches apart from one another. Her eyes dilate with the unforeseen action.



She instantly pulled herself back, her face was bright red, tip toeing to the door without a sound. As she had finally escaped form Irene’s room, upon closing the door, she leaned her back onto the door. Her fingers running though the locks of her hair, huffing the air out from her lungs. It was the weirdest rollercoaster ride she had ever experienced.








“Oh you’ve finally woke up.” Wendy chirped, not minding to use the Bae’s kitchen to cook a hearty meal for the young Bae.



Irene gave a lazy smile, walking towards to counter to grab some cutleries and matching cups, laying them onto the dining table. “What’re you cooking?” Irene hummed, dandily walking to the coffee maker to make a cup of coffee, before opening the fridge to fill another mug with some milk. 



“Well it’s not chicken for sure.” Wendy teased. Irene rolled her eyes, her finger fumbled over the mugs. She approached Wendy, feeding her with some milk given that Wendy’s hands are still busy cooking their meal.


“We’re having a heavy meal?” Irene pointed the ingredients laid on the counter.



“Its already pasted noon miss Baechu.” Wendy cracked, silently enjoying her milk that she was fed as she busied herself with sautéing the vegetables. “Today we’re having japchee and soy bean paste soup with dumplings. Sound good?”



Irene eyes immediately lit with excitement, nodding her head abruptly. “I’m already hungry just by smelling them!! Seungwannie is the best!” curved into a smile.



Wendy laughed. “Haha. You’re that happy?”



Her crescent eyes were evidently shown. “What to do? I’m really happy that I can’t hide them. Haha.” She tittered. Wendy couldn’t help herself but to find her so dazzling yet mesmerising, sweeping her off her feet. She wished to protect her adorable smile forever as her smile was enticing and it was registered to the core of her memory for some reason because our of the moments when she cooked for Irene, that was the most sincere yet genuine smile she had ever seen. 



Irene then returned back to her room to take a shower, wearing a simple oversized t-shirt and shorts with her hair tired into a bun.



Soon, Wendy placed the food onto the dining table while Irene helps with the plating. She took the chair across her. Irene immediately squealed in a high pitch, her feet tapping onto the floor. “It’s so good Seungwan-ah.”



And boy she wasn’t kidding about stating how good her food was when she had her third helping with the japchee and soy bean paste soup. “Haha. I’m glad you liked it, Baechu-nim.” Wendy said fondly. “Eat more okay.” She encouraged, using her chopsticks to places more food into her plate.



Irene glanced at the little hamster. “If you keep cooking for me, I feel like I’m being spoiled.”



Wendy shook her head, a sparkle that shone in her dark orbs. “Nah. I’m more than happy to keep feeding you like this. Your smile is the only thing I need.”



Irene leaned in, pinching her friend’s cheeks affectionately. “Thank you butter Seungwannie. I really had to cringe when you said that.” She replied with a faint smile, aware that she’s having the oddest urge to let her have her way.


Wendy squinted her eyes. She tapped her fingers on the table, her brow folded in though. “You know, if there’s any day I’m not greasy, the world is coming to an end I think.” She met her gaze and grinned, her teeth flashing whitely. Irene started chortling with her remarks. 


Irene can’t help but to admit with all honestly that sometimes beneath Wendy’s carefree air she always have her own way in making people around her to feel at ease. She never really put much thought when Seunghee mentioned it one time.








Wendy was busy making for dinner and she urged Irene to relax in the living room. “You must be Bae Irene?” Seunghee raised her brow. Irene nodded her head slowly in reply. Their eyes were different; Wendy’s were dark brown while her sister’s were slightly lighter. Still both inherited some similarities; possessing faint resemblance in their face structures.



Seunghee happened to finished her work earlier on that particular day. She scanned Irene from head to toe, settling on the sofa as she stared at the young Bae. “I’ve heard a lot about you from my sister.” Seunghee smiled.



“Ah dae.” Irene awkwardly nodded.




“Relax. I’m not going to eat you or anything. Seungwan talked about you a lot like she’s really adoring you lot. Bae Irene is pretty and lovely and etc. I can see why she’s fawning over you since you’re really pretty like a model.”



Irene stayed rooted to her seat, slightly flushed in embarrassment with the compliments made by Seunghee as she continued on. “I’m just cautions with the people that my sister hanged out. She usually put out her 200% of her effort to the people whom she cherished. She’s always carefree and it must be comfortable yet refreshing be with someone like her right?”



Irene’s eyes widen in amusement. She peered at Wendy in the kitchen then meeting her gaze with Seunghee once again. She nodded her head in agreement.



“Although she’s like that, she’s always hiding her own problems. I’m sure she’s a sociable person in general but she’s never the type to open herself to people that easily. I can’t help but to be worried about her and I’m not always beside her after all. I hope her close friends would watch over her.” Seunghee opened up as she eyed her fondly.



Her expression froze, but then she grinned at her, her onyx orbs crinkling at the corners, retuning her smile. “Although I can’t promise you anything, but I’ll always look out for her. She’s like my own sister since the day she had opened me up to her.” She coed.






Sister huh.



“What? Did you say something?” Wendy asked.



Irene held her hands against her lips, glancing at her friend, totally flabbergasted that she said her thoughts aloud. “Ah. Nothing! I was just saying you should eat too okay. Otherwise I’ll be targeted by your sister.” Irene said frantically.



Wendy being a simpleton she was, she nodded her head, not questioning further on as she paid heed to her words in which she sighed in relieve.









Wendy’s barely l

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Chapter 13: Hi! New reader here. I haven't read any wenrene fics in a while and I just randomly saw your Twitter update for a new chapter. I was like why not sounds interesting. Well... it is now 2am and I am hooked! The way you wrote this chapter and how you delved into their feelings is beautiful! Thank you and I hope to read more from you! Keep up the great work!
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Chapter 14: Waiting for the next chapter author-nim
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Chapter 14: Ahhhh finally Joo-Hyun realized her feelings and succumbed to her desires. I am so glad Joo-Hyun was the one who initiated first. I am just hoping that there will be no regrets the following morning.

I had to reread from the start cz I kinda forgot some of the happenings and also wanna savor the story. And boy was I floored with the update!

Thank you author-nim for giving us updates despite your busy schedule. Good luck with your finals! Hwaiting!
Chapter 14: They love each other for so so long and when it time comes they can't resist desire.
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