Episode 1: We Just Met

My unrequited Love
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I could hear the sound echoing in that small space. The sound of my voice muffling as I buried my face into my bolster with crystals clear form of tears streaming down my cheeks. I weep again. All those bottled up feelings, bursting out at that moment like an erupted volcano. 
“This . . . will be the last t-time. . .I’ll ever fall for anyone anymore.” There’s a hitch in my voice as I softly blurt out those words to the air. 


 Episode 1: WE JUST MET

It was the new beginning for me. I had recently graduated from an all-girls school; E-Sm Junior High and I quickly had some connections with some of my friends to have myself to be enrolled into that school. I was accepted into SM High, a grand private high school and known as the most prestige school for having excellent results in the whole Korea state. It’s a big thing because not all were lucky to be enrolled in this school. It was like the talk of the town for maintaining their scores as the first in the WHOLE state of Korea. And our school was ranked top 5 within the continent. No kidding! 




I lift my head after neatly tying my shoelace in place. “Oh! It’s you Seulgi!” 

Kang Seulgi.

Honestly, I wasn’t close to her back in my previous school. I knew her because she was like one of the popular girls with her easygoing personality. What stood out the most was her main forte in dance. I recalled once we had a cultural festival in our school and man her moves were killing it! #RESPECT  

“I’m so glad I have someone of the same age!” she beams, clasping onto my hand while sighing in relief. “Is this seat taken?” she continued, pointing her index finger next to my seat. 


“Ah. . . Not yet. Come sit!” I exclaim.


As soon Seulgi settle herself on the chair next to mine, I direct my questions to her to pass my boredom since the opening speech is not going to start anytime soon. “I thought you’re always with your group of friends?”


“Huh? Who? Oh! You mean Joy, Yeri and Irene?!”


“Um. . .” Like hell I would know those people who are non-related to me. “ . . . I think so? I just thought you would prefer to sit with them” I said in hesitation because I clearly have absolutely no clue on who were those individuals. But I have a fuzzy image of Seulgi interacting with a group of girls back in our junior high.


“Ah. Irene and Joy came from another co-ed school! So they had to do some extra procedures before enrolling into this school. As for Yeri, well she’s probably still sleeping. Haha.”

“Ah I see.” 


-Allow me to explain briefly- 
For E-Sm Junior High (all girls school) and SM high (all boys school) , both schools were founded by the same founder. Although my school was for all girls only but our education stops up till the end of junior high school. SM High is slightly different. SM High was an all-boys school from juniors to seniors and the girls from E-Sm can be directly accepted upon reaching our freshmen year. 
Students from other schools can apply for enrolment into SM High but the chances are slim since SM High prioritises E-Sm High students.
-The end-

“What about you Wendy?” Seulgi asked.


I raised my eyebrow in bewilderment. “You know my name?”


Seulgi tilts her head in confusion. “Who doesn’t? You were pretty famous back in our high school. An all-rounder student in academics and clubs activities. Whenever you’re around, I always hear students and teacher praising you!” Seulgi states.


WOW. JUST WOW. If you’re coming up to me with that straight forward answer, who doesn’t get flustered! I couldn’t hide myself away from her because I’m kindda speechless. I could feel my cheeks burning while nodding, as I mutter a small thank you to Seulgi.

We ended up chatting longer than I anticipated. Starting from our passion about food to arts. It was really pleasant talking to Seulgi as if I have found my lost soul mate who shares the same interest as me! My eyes start to widen, taking Seulgi into my attention.  I never realise up til now, but she somewhat represents a bear, and oddly cute weird bear that makes you want to take care of this cute and cuddly bear. 

The hall soon started to be filled with more and more student. All the guys sit on the right side of the hall wing while the girls on the left.


“Irene! Joy!!!! I’ve save some seats for you!”


My eyes then look at the two figures approaching our way and my word, when I first laid my eyes on them, it feels like an aura or maybe a presence from the two beautiful girls with slim and petite figure w

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WluvsBaetokki #1
Chapter 15: Hoping Irene would bring justice to those 4 s.
Gr33nPow3r #2
Chapter 15: Poor wannie I'm glad those guys didn't get to hurt her further and she was able to stop them. Atleast her hyunnie will be there to comfort her. I really love your writing can't wait for the next update! Thank you!
Gr33nPow3r #3
Chapter 13: Hi! New reader here. I haven't read any wenrene fics in a while and I just randomly saw your Twitter update for a new chapter. I was like why not sounds interesting. Well... it is now 2am and I am hooked! The way you wrote this chapter and how you delved into their feelings is beautiful! Thank you and I hope to read more from you! Keep up the great work!
Chapter 15: Love how you described their new found love and affections for each other. Though the assault part was kinda hard to read through.. But it also mean it's well written!
Chapter 15: What they do to Wendy. They. Should lock in jail. It crimes. Poor her . But good that she fight back. And Irene there to help her.
Desirsenja #6
Chapter 14: Waiting for the next chapter author-nim
WluvsBaetokki #7
Chapter 14: Ahhhh finally Joo-Hyun realized her feelings and succumbed to her desires. I am so glad Joo-Hyun was the one who initiated first. I am just hoping that there will be no regrets the following morning.

I had to reread from the start cz I kinda forgot some of the happenings and also wanna savor the story. And boy was I floored with the update!

Thank you author-nim for giving us updates despite your busy schedule. Good luck with your finals! Hwaiting!
Chapter 14: They love each other for so so long and when it time comes they can't resist desire.
It stream hot chapter but it beautiful too
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Best of luck on your exams~ 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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Chapter 14: That took a turn and I’m loving it. 😃 like whaaaasst amazing update author.

Don’t worry about updating, studying is way more important. We will be here waiting when you come back.