(6)chanyeol tries low temperature activities

From Hell With Love
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The Apartment 3b has 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a kitchen. It is way more luxurious and bigger than the ones that normal college students can afford. Mainly because it was a gift from Sehun's rich parents when the younger got chance in the prestigious SM University. They originally wanted Sehun to live in a penthouse in a luxury area but the guy insisted on living in this neighborhood closer to his university. Plus he invited his best friend Baekhyun to live with him.

Sehun may come from wealth but he is one of the most humble and honest people Baekhyun has ever known. He wanted to experience normal college life, going as far as working part-time at the college library. Although all that brat does is read fashion magazines, drink bubble tea and flirt with all the hot students visiting during his shift while the other librarian Wonwoo does all the work.


Having Sehun in his life came as a blessing because Baekhyun does not have to pay rent. He just splits the bills and keeps some savings for his own future. He is not a trust fund kid like Sehun but his family is well-off as well. So he invests most of his monthly income on a very meaningful and important thing - plushies.

Plushies are Baekhyun's number one priority in life. He loves and cares for his plushies like those are his real children.

Baekhyun hums a tune as he gathers his plushies into a basket. Today was waash day for his plushies. He suddenly stops as he feels eyes peering at his back. He turns to find the demon prince standing at his bedroom door, looking at the basket in his hands with curious eyes.

like a little child looking at a cookie jar, baekhyun stifles a laughter.


"Hello, Chanyeol, Please come inside."

"Hi,"the demon walks in shyly and stands beside him 

"Did you want something?"Baekhyun acts oblivious and pretends as he doesn't notice Chanyeol looking at the hello kitty plushie in his hand

"May I know who that is?" the demon finally points at the plushie the smaller is holding. 

"Huh? This is a plushie. A type of toy," Baekhyun gets a bit confused. has Chanyeol never seen a plushie before?

"Oh Fascinating!"the taller's eyes light up,"Can i take a look?"

"Of course"

The taller quickly sits on the floor as Baekhyun handles him the plushie,"What is this noble lady called?"

Baekhyun internally laughs

"Her name is hello kitty"

"A glorifying name for a glorifying figure,"Chanyeol gives a thumbs up to Baekhyun. Then goes back to cradle the soft plushie on his lap


"Say, did you not play with plushies as a kid? Are toys not allowed in hell? Were you more into playing with weapons and i dunno,medieval torture devices?" Baekhyun probs, curious after seeing Chanyeol's fascination for a normal plush toy.

"No," Chanyeol fails to pick up the sarcasm in Baekhyun's last question and just answers genuinely, "as the 2nd prince of hell, 3rd in line to the throne, I had to start training in combat skills from a very early age. I was not allowed to loiter around and play with toys. Plus I have never witnessed such fascinating figures in the hell realm."

"Whoa hell seems like a very strict place."

"It is a very disciplined place,at least it was for me,"Chanyeol sighs,"Although,"Baekhyun's ears perk up at the dejected voice of the usual prideful

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Beau1996 1124 streak #1
Chapter 15: Why can't I have dead souls to wash my dishes?? 😠
Beau1996 1124 streak #2
Chapter 13: I'm trying to get over the fact that shrimp and lobster are related to cockroaches 🤢 but I am learning interesting facts!!
535 streak #3
Chapter 13: I was traumatized just reading about Kyungsoo’s apartment, I’m hoping Chanyeol doesn’t take it upon himself to do anything else to ‘help’ Baekhyun. lol Now, with Kyungsoo staying with them, I wonder if a little triangle is going to form.
Beau1996 1124 streak #4
Chapter 12: Noble lady Hello Kitty was one of the first things I remember getting into as an adult - my inner child finally had disposable income to spend!! Light hearted play AND - yes please!!
535 streak #6
Chapter 11: Poor Sehun, I think I would have acted completely oblivious!😂 I didn’t know that the antics of demon Chanyeol and his peasant boy was something I needed in my life. ChanBaek forever!😁
Beau1996 1124 streak #7
Chapter 11: Who doesn't want to be pushed in a shopping cart?? I totally get them! Sweet sassy moments - keep 'em coming!!
535 streak #8
Chapter 6: I love how unknowingly frank Chanyeol can be, it’s fascinating to see things through his eyes. He is also starting to fall under Baekhyun’s spell. Ew, ants are not my favorite, but that is an interesting fact.😉
Beau1996 1124 streak #9
Chapter 6: Nice update - Baek sharing some kind words and learning about ants!!
535 streak #10
Chapter 5: This is so good already, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Only Baekhyun would mistakenly summon a demon - then get him stranded in this realm.😏 I am also loving the characterization and plot.