(4) sehun came for moral support

From Hell With Love
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"So is nobleman Kyungsoo coming today?" Chanyeol asks

"Yes, he is,"Baekhyun replies while writing a customer's order,"taeyong gave him an off day yesterday since you were here with me and the rush was minimal as well. Make one large iced americano with 2 shots of espresso."

"Yes,"the demon replies,surprisingly obedient whenever he has a task, and quickly grabs a cup,"So, i take it that the rush will be heavier today?" 

"Yeah, yesterday was less chaotic here because the entire business department went on tour, but today everyone will be on campus so we need all the help we can get,"Baekhyun explains to the taller as the later nods, eyes still firmly trailed on the task at hand.

The crowd is still relaxed in the cafe as it was the time of classes and most students are usually at the classroom during the late morning time. Baekhyun thanks his stars for the relaxed atmosphere since it is giving Chanyeol a chance to get used to his work better, after all it's just his second day at the EXO cafe. But Chanyeol is a very fast learner with an eidetic memory and he is very enthusiastic in everything he does, that makes it working with him very easy. Baekhyun really admires the Demon prince's dedication and would actually praise him if the demon was not calling him peasant every two minutes.


As Baekhyun gives the drink to the customer, the cafe bell chimes, indicating the arrival of a new customer.

"Welcome to Ex- why are you here?" Baekhyun annoyedly throws the question at the newcomer.

"Oh hello nobleman Sehun," Chanyeol greets from behind the counter

"First of all, baek ouch, thank you for the warm welcome," Sehun says as he goes to stand in front of the counter,"Also Chanyeol, drop the nobleman thing.I mean i agree that i am very very noble indeed,"he gives a cheeky grin,"but we usually don't talk like that in daily life."

Chanyeol nods his head as he comes face to face with Sehun, both watching baekhyun serve a muffin at one of the tables,"Okay,"he lowers his voice so that Baekhyun does not hear," but this kyungsoo human still has not appeared. With the way he is not respecting the great flow of time, that is showing weakness of character. I am afraid i have to deal with another peasant."

Sehun bursts out in laughter, much to the taller's confusion. After catching his breath he replies,"no no,Kyungsoo is a good person i assure you, he must have some reason of running late."

"What are you guys talking about and sehun stop hogging the counter,bro,"Baekhyun says while returning to the counter 

"Is this how you treat your customers?"Sehun dramatically gasps,"Plus am i not allowed to visit my dear friend"

"Dude you don't even drink coffee and you never visit me at the cafe!" 

"Listen This is Chanyeol's first day of meeting kyungsoo, i came for moral support!"Sehun replies while dodging a tissue thrown at him by his friend

He finally raises his arms in the air accepting defeat,"alright alright, maybe i came because i wanted to see some drama."

The smile of victory appears on Baekhyun's face only for it to turn into a giddy smile when the cafe bell chimes again and he looks back to see a short male with soft black hair and round eyes enter.

"Kyungsoo, h-hi,"Baekhyun stutters, the smile on his face making him look stupid.

"Hello Baekhyun,"the boy smiles, lips turning into the shape of a heart,"I hope work wasn't too hectic for you yesterday? I'm sorry I had to take an emergency off day."

"Oh don't worry,"baekhyun smiles shyly as he follows Kyungsoo to the backroom for employees,"Everything was good here."

Chanyeol shuffles a bit closer to Sehun and whispers,"so this is Kyungsoo?"

The younger nods, "He is a good person,you'll see."

"yes looks like Baekhyun is the only peasant in here,"Chanyeol says thoughtfully as Sehun starts laughing again

"You're right on that one,"he says when he catches his breath.




~~~    ~~~




"Ugh why the hell is their so many ants!" Baekhyun says to himself,"don't this es sleep."

It's Baekhyun's first night on his soul hunting mission.

The demon prince received some waves in his crown chakra about a soul wandering in a nearby area. So now Baekhyun had to accompany him to this abandoned park at 2 am on a Tuesday.

Baekhyun sighs. He originally thought that he would be chasing around dead people with a baseball bat (he even wore his best sneakers goddamn it!), but all he is doing is hiding inside a tree safely in a corner of the park while he watches Chanyeol from afar. The later told him to stay behind this giant tree and not make any sounds.


Baekhyun watches as the the demon prince makes a hand motion in the air and suddenly a red long whip appears in his hand out of nowhere. Baekhyun gasps in awe as he squints to get a better view of the whip. The whip is thin but looks very sharp, and is snugged with the demon's palm, almost as if it's coming out of his skin. The way it is giving off red smoke as if the whip is flaming hot. 

He sees Chanyeol suddenly moves very quickly and twirls and throws the whip in an empty space of

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Beau1996 1125 streak #1
Chapter 15: Why can't I have dead souls to wash my dishes?? 😠
Beau1996 1125 streak #2
Chapter 13: I'm trying to get over the fact that shrimp and lobster are related to cockroaches 🤢 but I am learning interesting facts!!
535 streak #3
Chapter 13: I was traumatized just reading about Kyungsoo’s apartment, I’m hoping Chanyeol doesn’t take it upon himself to do anything else to ‘help’ Baekhyun. lol Now, with Kyungsoo staying with them, I wonder if a little triangle is going to form.
Beau1996 1125 streak #4
Chapter 12: Noble lady Hello Kitty was one of the first things I remember getting into as an adult - my inner child finally had disposable income to spend!! Light hearted play AND - yes please!!
535 streak #6
Chapter 11: Poor Sehun, I think I would have acted completely oblivious!😂 I didn’t know that the antics of demon Chanyeol and his peasant boy was something I needed in my life. ChanBaek forever!😁
Beau1996 1125 streak #7
Chapter 11: Who doesn't want to be pushed in a shopping cart?? I totally get them! Sweet sassy moments - keep 'em coming!!
535 streak #8
Chapter 6: I love how unknowingly frank Chanyeol can be, it’s fascinating to see things through his eyes. He is also starting to fall under Baekhyun’s spell. Ew, ants are not my favorite, but that is an interesting fact.😉
Beau1996 1125 streak #9
Chapter 6: Nice update - Baek sharing some kind words and learning about ants!!
535 streak #10
Chapter 5: This is so good already, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Only Baekhyun would mistakenly summon a demon - then get him stranded in this realm.😏 I am also loving the characterization and plot.