Yeeting My Way to Your Heart


The first words you hear your soulmate say shows up on your forearm on your 16th birthday...That's all very nice and nothing could go wrong,right? WRONG if you are Yixing...on 16th birthday,the bad news of his favourite band being disbanded shows up on his forearm and now all Yixing wants to do is sock his unknown soulmate in their jaw 


i'm back after 84 years

OTP SuLay 

love of my life 

light of my eyes

SuLay 5Ever,acho.

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Also check out the HunHan sequel of this story Bratting My Way to Your Heart !


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Check out the HunHan sequel of this story! Link in foreword!


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Chapter 3: I can't stop laughing at everything you wrote. This is so funny. Sassy Yixing vs Sassy Junmyeon is to die for hahahaha... Junmyeon must have thought that his forearm writings will be spoken romantically hahahaha...

Thank you so much for writing this. I'll definitely read this if I ever need a good laugh. XD
iPriyalicious #2
Chapter 3: this is one of the cutest things i've ever read!!! LOVED IT!! also thanks for feeding all of us who are going through a sulay drought!!! you're precious
Chapter 3: Aww that was really cute. I was looking forward to Lulu and Sehun meeting. Write another please? It can be short like this one. Thank you for shareing this story with us.