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From Hell With Love
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SM University's part time librarian and full-time student Oh Sehun is tired of mannerless people coming into the library and getting on his damn nerves all the time because who the hell drops books on the counter with such force? He casts a look at the pile of books dumped in front of him and then,up at the culprit who just dumped some really,really heavy books on his desk.

oh wait this is new

''Baek?''Sehun  his eyebrow at the small guy standing in front of him, "What are you doing here? Did you get lost while wandering? This is the college library."

"Blah Blah, Sehun yes i know this is the library,''Baekhyun replies, " And why are you acting so surprised? I am literally a book lover."

Sehun starts laughing so hard that his eyes start to water. His precious Vogue magazine falls down on the ground as he doubles over the counter, much to Baekhyun's annoyance.

"Okay Sehun, this is not that funny, you can stop laughing," Baekhyun says to his best friend 

Sehun slowly catches his breath and wipes a tear from the corner of his eyes. Then he speaks up,"YOU CAN READ?"

"Now what the is that supposed to mean, bro,"Baekhyun sounds almost offended, almost, if there was not a little truth behind it. Not that he can not read, but usually the only time he would willingly read an extra sentence out of his course requirements, is if he had a literal gun pointed at his head. But that is in cases of usual situations, today is a different case. 

Baekhyun scrunches his nose at his best friend's teasing remark,''Of course i can read,now be a good librarian, and check these books out.i need them for an important assignment.'

''Alright Alright,"Sehun sighs as he picks up his magazine from the floor and starts to check the books his friend has put on his desk,''i'm just curious as to Why Byun Baekhyun,a guy who never and i can't stress this enough,NEVER reads books, unless he is legally obliged to, is  suddenly buying-,''he stops to count the books in front of him,'' 1,2,3,4,5 FIVE books on? Ancient magic and celestial creature summoning?''he narrows his eyes at Baekhyun,''What bad are you planning now, dude?''

"Why do i need to tell you, Sehun? This is a free country I can do what i want."

"No you can not," Sehun says confidently,"If you were free to do whatever you wanted you would be dead in a ditch somewhere, So don't even try it. Now spill the beans.Plus i am your best friend, it is my legal right to know everything about your evil plannings"

Okay now Baekhyun can't argue with that concrete logic, so he decides to indulge. looking around the almost empty library- a usual thing on a lazy saturday afternoon, he checks if anyone is eavesdropping in their conversation. Satisfied when he sees the few people in the library are all busy with their work and no one is paying attention to them, he turns to face sehun again and leans forward to whisper to his best friend,''Don't tell anyone,i will summon a love angel."

Sehun chokes on thin air. After he is done catching his breath he stares at his friend as if he has grown a second head on his shoulder.

"Stop looking at me weird,you know why i'm doing this,"Bakhyun pouts at sehun

"Kyungsoo?"Sehun utters Baekhyun's longtime crush's name and the later's eyes light up.

His suspicions are confirmed as Baekhyun smiles widely and nods his head,''yeah, for him. So now just shut the up and pack me these books. Daddy has got a guy to seduce ''

''Ew don't ever say that to me again if you wanna live to see another day,"Sehun says as he pretends to gag,"But this is such a bad idea,"He continues,"This is not fun and games,dude.One wrong move and BAM,you have managed a one way ticket to hell for your entire lineage.''

''I know i know,''Baekhyun grins at his friend making sehun slightly anxious for his own life,''that's why you are going to accompany me when i'm summoning.Because well,why only get the Byun's bloodline cursed,when we can get the Oh's bloodline cursed as well!''

Sehun just sighs. Yeah some day Byun Baekhyun was going to get him killed and there will be nothing Sehun can do about it.




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''Put a candle on each corner of the pentagon,''Baekhyun reads out loud and Sehun proceeds to take out the pink candles from the

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Beau1996 1125 streak #1
Chapter 15: Why can't I have dead souls to wash my dishes?? 😠
Beau1996 1125 streak #2
Chapter 13: I'm trying to get over the fact that shrimp and lobster are related to cockroaches 🤢 but I am learning interesting facts!!
535 streak #3
Chapter 13: I was traumatized just reading about Kyungsoo’s apartment, I’m hoping Chanyeol doesn’t take it upon himself to do anything else to ‘help’ Baekhyun. lol Now, with Kyungsoo staying with them, I wonder if a little triangle is going to form.
Beau1996 1125 streak #4
Chapter 12: Noble lady Hello Kitty was one of the first things I remember getting into as an adult - my inner child finally had disposable income to spend!! Light hearted play AND - yes please!!
535 streak #6
Chapter 11: Poor Sehun, I think I would have acted completely oblivious!😂 I didn’t know that the antics of demon Chanyeol and his peasant boy was something I needed in my life. ChanBaek forever!😁
Beau1996 1125 streak #7
Chapter 11: Who doesn't want to be pushed in a shopping cart?? I totally get them! Sweet sassy moments - keep 'em coming!!
535 streak #8
Chapter 6: I love how unknowingly frank Chanyeol can be, it’s fascinating to see things through his eyes. He is also starting to fall under Baekhyun’s spell. Ew, ants are not my favorite, but that is an interesting fact.😉
Beau1996 1125 streak #9
Chapter 6: Nice update - Baek sharing some kind words and learning about ants!!
535 streak #10
Chapter 5: This is so good already, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Only Baekhyun would mistakenly summon a demon - then get him stranded in this realm.😏 I am also loving the characterization and plot.