From Hell With Love

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Summoning an angel to help you charm your longtime crush is an excellent idea,right? Not really when you are byun baekhyun and you accidentally summon a demon instead. 



''thank you for responding to my request, angel of love,''Baekhyun says while bowing to the guy

''I'm sorry what?''The guy raises his eyebrows and then laughs suddenly,his laugh sending chills down Baekhyun's spine,''oh,i am not the angel of love,sweetie,in fact,i am not an angel at all...i,''the guy stops and smirks a little,''I am the Demon Prince of Hell,Duke of Nightmare,Chanyeol.''

Baekhyun gulps for the nth time that day.

the Demon Prince laughs out loud again,all the red smoke swirling around them.

And that was it for his weak heart.Baekhyun loses consciousness and falls forward,the jar full of glittery pixie dust in his hands getting scattered all over the pentagon.

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