(7) Kyungsoo hates arthropods?

From Hell With Love
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Chanyeol is very passionate about his work at the EXO Cafe, he is a natural with preparing the beverages and not to mention his innate kindness and happiness that radiates off of him while he happily chats with the customers. But even after that Baekhyun does not think making caramel macchiato for sleep deprived college students brings that much joy to anyone, regardless of them being a human or a demon.

So why is Park Chanyeol grinning from ear to ear?

"hey chanyeol,"Baekhyun does not beat around the bush, being totally comfortable with the taller these days,"You look very happy today?what's up?"

"Love is in the air,"the taller grins, much to Baekhyun's utter confusion

"Huh You're in love?"

"No, peasant. YOU,"The demon points at Baekhyun,"are in love. And As your cupid I have crafted the perfect plan to let you couple with your desired human kyungsoo."

"What? What are you planning?"

"I would rather show you. The plan has already been initiated and we will be witnessing the magnificent outcomes, VERY SOON,"the demon's loud and proud voice booms inside the cafe startling one student napping in one of the corner tables. Poor guy had fallen asleep in the quietness of the cafeteria.

Baekhyun mutters a quick sorry and grabs Chanyeol's hand,dragging the taller to the backroom.

"Tell me what is going on"

Again all he gets is a proud grin.

"I am telling you,you will couple with nobleman kyungsoo in no time- are you alright?" the demon looks at Baekhyun

"hmm? why you ask?"

"Your breathing has suddenly become labored and your heart is beating fast, would you rather me wait on your coupling process?"

"No, no Chanyeol, I am fine. I am just a little nervous," Baekhyun says while heaving a sigh. It is tiring to Stay with a supernatural being that has your breathing pattern recognized.




When Kyungsoo comes in for his shift an hour later, Baekhyun is horrified to see the man.

His crush looks like he hasn't slept all night. Dark circles booming under his round eyes, face looking tired and pale, the sign of agitation and tiredness written all over his face.

"Hey kyungsoo Everything alright?"Baekhyun asks 

"Yeah."Kyungsoo replies curtly, then after a moment, he continues,"Actually you know what, I am having a horrible time. Last night when i returned to my apartment after coming from the library, my entire apartment was,"the boy winces as if he could still experience the horrible incident,"- my apartment was flooded with cockroaches! It was like straight out of a horror movie. I have never experienced an

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Beau1996 1125 streak #1
Chapter 15: Why can't I have dead souls to wash my dishes?? 😠
Beau1996 1125 streak #2
Chapter 13: I'm trying to get over the fact that shrimp and lobster are related to cockroaches 🤢 but I am learning interesting facts!!
535 streak #3
Chapter 13: I was traumatized just reading about Kyungsoo’s apartment, I’m hoping Chanyeol doesn’t take it upon himself to do anything else to ‘help’ Baekhyun. lol Now, with Kyungsoo staying with them, I wonder if a little triangle is going to form.
Beau1996 1125 streak #4
Chapter 12: Noble lady Hello Kitty was one of the first things I remember getting into as an adult - my inner child finally had disposable income to spend!! Light hearted play AND - yes please!!
535 streak #6
Chapter 11: Poor Sehun, I think I would have acted completely oblivious!😂 I didn’t know that the antics of demon Chanyeol and his peasant boy was something I needed in my life. ChanBaek forever!😁
Beau1996 1125 streak #7
Chapter 11: Who doesn't want to be pushed in a shopping cart?? I totally get them! Sweet sassy moments - keep 'em coming!!
535 streak #8
Chapter 6: I love how unknowingly frank Chanyeol can be, it’s fascinating to see things through his eyes. He is also starting to fall under Baekhyun’s spell. Ew, ants are not my favorite, but that is an interesting fact.😉
Beau1996 1125 streak #9
Chapter 6: Nice update - Baek sharing some kind words and learning about ants!!
535 streak #10
Chapter 5: This is so good already, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Only Baekhyun would mistakenly summon a demon - then get him stranded in this realm.😏 I am also loving the characterization and plot.