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From Hell With Love
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"Dang Chanyeol, you surely look so good in human outfits, bro, girls will throw themselves at you," Sehun's enthusiastic voice feels like a slap to baekhyun's anxious mood. 

The demon prince is supposed to go out in the human society today for the first time. And even though it is not his first time here on earth, Chanyeol has never had to blend in and work with other human beings before. 

Baekhyun has gotten a bit soft towards the demon after his panic attack incident last week. At least sehun thinks so, but Baekhyun's reasoning is that you can't just treat someone like after they helped you in your vulnerable times, Baekhyun is not a total (sehun begs to differ). Plus The demon Chanyeol or whatever can't go back to hell without striking and completing a deal with him,so he ended up having to make a deal with the demon. 

According to the deal, Chanyeol will help Baekhyun in getting close to Kyungsoo in whatever way he can and in return Baekhyun has to help the demon collect wandering souls from the earth. It's a win win, Baekhyun thinks,given that the other option was literally to sell his soul to satan's son and get tortured for the rest of the eternity, he will take soul hunting over that ANY day. 


As a part of the soul-binding contract (apparently that is what this deal is called because Baekhyun's soul is figuratively tied to the outcome of this contract), Chanyeol had to help Baekhyun get Kyungsoo's affection and what better way to do that other than help recruiting Chanyeol at the cafe near their campus where both he and his crush work? Baekhyun was reluctant at first because he already has to see this red eyed demon in his apartment all the time. Now he has to see him even at work? But Chanyeol's constant reminder of how he was going to lose his "unfit soul" if he did not cooperate, got Baekhyun calling their cafe owner in a heartbeat. 

Their cafe owner, an SM alumni, Taeyong is very fond of Baekhyun. Even though the later was hoping taeyong to reject his request, the owner had gleefully accepted, much to Baekhyun's chagrin. Work has been a little chaotic as the college expanded their seats and introduced more students. So, Baekhyun suddenly calling taeyong up about a new recruitment was a blessing, on top of that, the newly hire was a friend of Baekhyun! It is a win-win situation for the cafe owner,really. Byun Baekhyun is really such a good luck in his life, Taeyong's firm belief gets stronger with every passing day. 

Baekhyun stares as he sees Sehun fawn over Chanyeol's features. The last few days sehun and he has been running around helping Chanyeol integrate better in the human society. The first step was changing the color of his irises, as the deep red is a dead giveaway of Chanyeol's nonhuman status. And the second being his formal speech. Even though Sehun had to struggle a bit in that area because C

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Beau1996 1125 streak #1
Chapter 15: Why can't I have dead souls to wash my dishes?? 😠
Beau1996 1125 streak #2
Chapter 13: I'm trying to get over the fact that shrimp and lobster are related to cockroaches 🤢 but I am learning interesting facts!!
535 streak #3
Chapter 13: I was traumatized just reading about Kyungsoo’s apartment, I’m hoping Chanyeol doesn’t take it upon himself to do anything else to ‘help’ Baekhyun. lol Now, with Kyungsoo staying with them, I wonder if a little triangle is going to form.
Beau1996 1125 streak #4
Chapter 12: Noble lady Hello Kitty was one of the first things I remember getting into as an adult - my inner child finally had disposable income to spend!! Light hearted play AND - yes please!!
535 streak #6
Chapter 11: Poor Sehun, I think I would have acted completely oblivious!😂 I didn’t know that the antics of demon Chanyeol and his peasant boy was something I needed in my life. ChanBaek forever!😁
Beau1996 1125 streak #7
Chapter 11: Who doesn't want to be pushed in a shopping cart?? I totally get them! Sweet sassy moments - keep 'em coming!!
535 streak #8
Chapter 6: I love how unknowingly frank Chanyeol can be, it’s fascinating to see things through his eyes. He is also starting to fall under Baekhyun’s spell. Ew, ants are not my favorite, but that is an interesting fact.😉
Beau1996 1125 streak #9
Chapter 6: Nice update - Baek sharing some kind words and learning about ants!!
535 streak #10
Chapter 5: This is so good already, can’t wait to read the next chapter. Only Baekhyun would mistakenly summon a demon - then get him stranded in this realm.😏 I am also loving the characterization and plot.