chapter 4


Fast forward. Day 10.

Miyu woke up, from the sound of her clock.

" Annoying. " She groaned and looked at her clock. " Five fifteen? Still early. "

The bunny still had more time to prepare. So she srood up, went to her closet and took her towel. Like her daily routine, she did all of the tasks she needs to do. She took her bag, got her keys, and went outside, ready to go to school.


Miyu arrived at her school, panting. She finally sat down at her chair, beside Yunjin.

" Good morning, Miyu-chan. " Yunjin smiled. Miyu smiled back.

" Good morning too, Kirin-chan. "

Just as the two started to chat, the door banged open. It was Kaeun. Who had a messy hair, untied ribbon, and unbottoned button.

" KAEUN UNNIE! WHAT HAPPENED?! " A loud voice asked. It belonged to Yena.

" I kinda woke up late so I rushed. My hair is messy, my ribbon is untied, and my button is not done. While I was making my way here, a dog chased me. I even tripped but good thing that I stood up fast. "

Yena had her jaw dropped. " That's.. that's such a what the moment unnie. "

" I know. And, watch your language, kid. "

Yena giggled. " Sorry, sorry. "

Miyu stood up and went near Kaeun. " Let me fix your hair, Kaeun-san. Your clothes too. " The two girls smiled at each other then Kaeun nodded. Miyu pulled Kaeun to her area.

" Sit down. " Kaeun did as Miyu said. Miyu started to comb Kaeun's hair, gently. After finishing, she did Kaeun's tie and button. Which made the taller blush a bit.

Miyu patted Kaeun's head. " There. You look more prettier than ever. "

" T-thanks. "

Juri, Yena, Wonyoung, and (Ahn) Yujin faked coughed.

" THERE'S A LOVEBIRDS IN THE ROOM!!! " Yena shouted.

Yuri hitted Yena's head. " Yena!! Too loud!! "

Everyone were laughing except one girl.

Only Yunjin wasn't. She didn't like it whenever Miyu was with Kaeun, or with other girls and making skinship with Miyu. It made her heart sting everytime. She glared a little bit but just went back at reading her book.

Miyu went back to her sit. She looked at Yunjin and chuckled. " You seem busy there. "

Yunjin just looked back, but didn't answer, in return.


Miyu rested her head at her desk as the teacher was discussing. She turned her head to Yunjin.

" Kirin-chan. "

" Hm? "

" I'm bored. "

" I can't really talk to you right now, Miyu-chan. We might get caught talking. "

Miyu found it weird. Everytime she was bored, Yunjin will find ways just to talk to her.

" Alright then. "


" Class dismissed. Recess time. " The teacher got her things and went outside the room.

Miyu yawned. " Finally. " She stood up and looked at Yunjin, who was writing in her notes. " Let's eat, Kirin-chan. "

" Just a second. " Yunjin wrote down some things and finally closed the lid of her pen before putting it down on her desk. " Done. Let's go. " The taller held Miyu's hand and pulled her outside. 

" Wait, what about Kaeun? " Miyu looked at Yunjin.

" Don't mind her. " Yunjin answered, not looking at Miyu. She wanted to be selfish for just once. " She'll just go after us, Miyu-chan. "

" Oh. Okay then. "

The two proceeded to walk, silently. 

" Yunjin-chan. You seem to be studying hard. "

The taller hummed. " I don't want my parents to be disappointed at me so.. "

" Explains. " Miyu, then, smiled bitterly. " Good thing you have your parents beside you. I wish I had mine too. "

Yunjin finally looked at Miyu, worried. She remembered Miyu's story. The taller's grip on Miyu's hand went tight. " Miyu-chan, I'm still here. Don't get sad. I'll always be by your side. I'll never leave you, alright? "

Miyu just sighed. She was trying to stop the tears that are about to fall on her cheeks. " Alright. "

" Now, now. Let's forget about the past. Let's focus on what's happening right now and be happy. " Yunjin pulled Miyu so that they would arrive on the canteen more faster.


Kaeun looked at Yunjin and Miyu's area, to find no one. 

" Ah, those two really left me. Seems like Yunjin wanted to solo Miyu. " Kaeun chuckled at herself.

She stood up, went outside and made her way to the canteen, going after the two.

" KAEUN-UNNIE!!!! " Kaeun turned around, hearing Yena and Yujin's loud voices. The two was with Juri.

" You two.. literally loud. "

" Sorry, Kaeun-chan. We just want to ask if you can tutor us with math. "

" Is that so? Sure thing! "

" THANK YOU KAEUN UNNIE!!! " Yena and Yujin hugged Kaeun. Juri just face palmed. Oh well, here goes the duo.


Miyu looked at the window, which is just beside her seat. It was dark and gloomy outside. It seemed like it was gonna rain.

Miyu sighed. She literally forgot to bring her umbrella. " I'm so dumb.. " Muttered the girl.

" Miyu-chan. " Yunjin tapped her. " You alright? "

" Yeah.. it seemed like it was gonna rain outside. I forgot to bring my umbrella. "

" Oh. Explains. "

The bell suddenly rang. Meaning, it was time for the students to go home.

Miyu packed up her things fast, so that she would get home fast and not get soaked by the rain.

" I'll be going now, Kirin-chan. I don't wanna get soaked. "

" You sure? I have an umbrella with me. "

Miyu thought for a while. She doesn't want to be a trouble for Yunjin. 

" No need. I just need to get home faster. "

" If you say so. "

" Good bye, Kirin-chan. I'll see you tomorrow then? "

" Yeah, see you. "

The bunny girl went outside and made her way to the hallway.


Just as Miyu stepped outside the school, the raindrops started to fall.

Miyu closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and sighed. " Great.. "

She started to run for her life, as if a killer was chasing her. As she was running, the rain started to become more strong. It also became windy. She was now soaking wet.

" I should really bring my umbrella next time, damn it. "

Suddenly, the rain stopped dropping all over her body. Someone was behind her, with an umbrella. Miyu turned around, and saw a tall girl. It was Yunjin.

" I told you, I should've shared my umbrella with you. "

" B-but.. but- "

" No buts, Miyu-chan. Let's get you home. "

" Okay.. "

The two started to walk peacefully as the sound of the rain surrounded their ears.


" We're here, Yunjin-chan. Thank you for walking me home. "

" No problemo, Miyu. Just tell me if you want to share an umbrella next time. " Yunjin chuckled and Miyu smiled.

" Will do. "

" Anyways, I should be going now. My parents might get worried. "

As Yunjin started to walk away, Miyu held her wrist, stopping her. " Wait. " 

Yunjin's eyes widened and blushed as Miyu hugged her. " Thank you, really.. "

" N-no problem. I-i should r-really go home now. "

" Alright. Good bye, Kirin-chan. "

" See you, Tokki-chan. "

Yunjin started to walk away as Miyu went inside her apartment. Yunjin held her own cheek.

" I must have a really big crush on her.. "

The giraffe shook her head and focused on her way home.

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