Miyu and Yunjin were bestfriends who fell for each other, and started dating. Until Yunjin got into an accident. Kaeun, Yunjin's cousin, told her in her dreams to take care of Miyu. As Kaeun started to take care of Miyu, she started to fall for her even more. Kaeun's heart already got broken. But it isn't bad to love again, right?


Hello!I'm back again with another story. I'm not sure if I can update this daily, because I still have some works to do and I still need to think of what to update. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy reading this story!

hello! i'll put this story into hiatus because i can't really think of anything to write, and i also need to study hard because of my grades. but i promise to update it, even if it's not daily.
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