chapter 8


Miyu was on the couch at the living room, sitting beside Yunjin who had her head on Miyu's lap while lying dow. They were watching TV as they continue to laugh and chitchat. The others were on their room. Well, except for the hungry Yena who was in the kitchen and is eating a sandwich along with Yuri.

Kaeun went out of her room. Just as the same time, they heard someone knock at the door outside.

" I'll get it. " The oldest among them said.

When Kaeun opened the door, it revealed Sihyun's group, which has Chaewon's group behind them. The two groups arrived at the same time.

" Perfect, " Kaeun said, showing her wonderful smile. " We're finally complete. I'll call Doa to say where your rooms are. "

The others nodded. Kaeun went to Doa's room.

After a while, the two girls arrived on the living room. Doa was now finished saying where their shared rooms are.


Sakura, Eunbi, Kaeun and Chaeyeon just had finished making their dinner. It was now prepared. Yena can't help her hungry at tasting the food, which made Eunbi smack her head. The rest laughed. Except for Nako and Hitomi who wasn't in the dining room yet.

" Saku-chan, please call Nako and Hitomi. We're gonna eat now. " Eunbi commanded and Sakura nodded.

After some minutes, only Sakura and Hitomi, who was walking while she kept looking down, arrived.

" Where's Nakotan? " Miyu asked.

" I don't know, " Sakura answered. " She doesn't want to eat. "

Hitomi kind of has a puffy eyes. 

' It seems like she cried. ' Nayoung said in her mind. Suddenly, she had an idea. She felt like she knew what happened at Nako and Hitomi. Nayoung made sure to ask Nako what really happened later dinner.

" Anyways, what time would we play? " Wonyoung asked with Ahn Yujin, excitedly.

" Hm, later. " Kaeun said. " Before bedtime. We're gonna stay up. " She smiled.

Yena, Yuri, AhnYu, Wonyoung, GoYu and Yunjin cheered. The olders just chuckled at their cuteness.


All of the girls went back to their room, waiting for the time that they will play.

But, Miyu sat down on the couch. She just felt like watching some shows, instead of lying down at her bed and using phone. Kaeun was the last one to go to her room because of the dishes. But, she saw Miyu sitting alone on the couch, watching. So, she decided to join her.

" Hey, " Kaeun said, sitting down beside her. " What are you doing? "

" Just watching. " Miyu chuckled.

" I'll join you so you won't be alone. If it's okay for you. "

Miyu found it sweet. She smiled widely. " Of course. It's all okay. "

The two started to watch as the quiet tension fills around the room. It wasn't awkward at all. Miyu and Kaeun kinda laughed at some scenes. 

Until, Miyu's back started to hurt. She has been doing some activities this morning but sitting won't help ease the pain.

" My back hurts. " Miyu groaned then pouted.

Kaeun looked at her. " You can lie down then use my lap as a pillow. " She said, patting her lap.

" Won't you mind? "

" Nah, I won't. Always feel free to use my lap as a pillow. You can use me as a human teddy bear, too. " The older chuckled. Miyu found her sweet again.

" Alright, " Miyu giggled as she started to position her body, making her head feel comfortable at Kaeun's lap. The younger lets out a exhausted sigh. " I can finally lie down. "

Kaeun started to pat Miyu's head and caressing her hair. Miyu started to feel sleepy. A little after, Kaeun heard some little snoring. She looked at Miyu who was finally sleeping.

" Cutie. "

As she scanned the younger's face, Kaeun smiled. The older suddenly felt her heart skip a beat. She was now blushing.

" Why are you making me feel such things, Miyu-chan? " Kaeun said, whispering.


Actually, Yunjin saw all of the scenes that happened. She was supposed to head to the kitchen to get some snacks, until she saw the two.

She felt her heart being shattered into pieces.

Yunjin just turned around, heading to her room.

" I really need to confess to her, " Yunjin said, whispering. " Before someone else gets her. Or.. Kaeun unnie. "

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