chapter 1


Takeuchi Miyu. Who was she? Well, she's just a kind, hardworking, and a good girl. An only daughter. She always liked making things and working hard. Aside from that, she had always liked music. She learned to play piano at such a young age, and also learned ballerina.

But, she never knew love. She hasn't experinced it, well, she doesn't even want to. The girl told herself to not fall inlove easily because of her mother and father.

Her mother, who was innocent and liked music also, has always loved and took care of her father. But her father, unlike her mother, is completely the opposite. Her father is always drunk, doing illegal things, and always goes out with other girls.

One night, little Miyu woke up from a noise. It sounded like a fight.

" You're so useless! You never do anything but play that stupid piano of yours! Look at Miyu, she's starting to be like you. Liking music. Disgusting. "

" Atleast I never cheated with the love of my life. Unlike you, you always go out with other girls. Am I not enough? And I always wanted Miyu to become a musician, and a good person. Not like a bad person like you! "

The little Miyu started to tear up and went out of her room. She ran to them. 

" Mom! Dad! Please stop fighting..! " Little Miyu said, crying.

" H-honey, your father and I aren't- "

" You two know what? This family is the worst! Full of drama. This is why the other girls are better than you. " The father pushed the two away and went to his room, packing his things.

" Where are you going?! "

" Out of this useless family. "

Miyu's father had finished packing up his things. He finally went outside, slamming the door shut.

" Miyu-chan, g-go back to sleep, okay? "

" But mom, father- "

" No, h-he'll comeback. Just go to sleep now. "

The little Miyu couldn't protest at all. She just did what her mother had said.

Miyu went to her bedroom, trying hard to make herself fall asleep after she just saw her mom tearing up and what happened to her parents earlier.

" Miyu-chan? Miyu-chan? Miyu-chan! " Miyu had snapped away from her thoughts when Saho started shaking her.

" Are you alright? " Moe asked.

" I'm alright, Moe-chan. Just remembered something. "

Juri looked at her, concerned. " It's.. your family, isn't it? "

The bunny-like girl sighed and looked down. " Yeah. I miss my dad. "

" Miyu-chan.. " Saho started to pat the bunny's back. " Just forget about them for a while, alright? Let's just focus on our studies. "

" You're right, Saho. " Miyu smiled. " I should start reviewing for the quiz now. You others should start too. " Miyu suggested and the others agreed.

They heard the bell rang. It was dismissal time.

" Anyways, let's go home now. Classes are finished! " Juri said excitedly. " Oh wait, Mako and I still need to go somewhere. "

" Where are you going? " Tomu asked.

" We have an appointment with Sihyun. "

" She actually has a date with Sihyun but she told me to keep a watch on them. " The raccoon butted in. Juri glared at her.

" Stop exposing me.. It's not like you're not going with Minseo, tanuki. "

Mako choked on the air. " S-stop! "

The rest just laughed.

" I have to go now. I gotta study. See you tomorrow, girls. " Miyu stood up and got her things. She waved at the girls and went outside.


Miyu was walking on the hall, humming while heading outside. Suddenly, she saw someone at the principal's office.

The girl was pretty. She actually looked like a foreigner. The girl had a brown shoulder-length hair, which Miyu found really pretty.

The bunny snapped back from reality and shooked her head. " Must be a transferee.. Ah, I really need to head home now. " Miyu started to hum again while walking.

Little did she know, the girl actually saw Miyu staring at her. The foreigner-like girl chuckled as she saw the bunny shook her head and walked away.

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hello! i'll put this story into hiatus because i can't really think of anything to write, and i also need to study hard because of my grades. but i promise to update it, even if it's not daily.
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