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Love and Fall
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“No, no,” GD said, “here’s the thing, if you can scored ten shoots continuesly, Jennie will kiss you in front of us.”

“WHOAAA YEAH YEAH!!” the crowd cheering.

Bobby looking at Jennie.

“Deal…!” he said while still looking at Jennie. “Jen, watch oppa…”


“Ok, START!” Seungri shouts.

One… goal!

Two… goal!

Three… goal!

Jennie gulped.

Seven… goal!

Eight… goal!

Nine… goa!

Crowd starts cheering louder.

“Go Bobby!! Get yourself a kiss from the lady!” someone shouts.

Bobby turned to see Jennie, she’s standing on the side with her hands clasp together, her face looks anticipating.

Suddenly something hits Bobby’s mind.

A little girl, always there, on the side of a basketball court near his house, long time a go.

“Oh my God…” he murmured. He drop the ball and walked towards Jennie.

“Bobby, one more!” Seungri said.

“What’s wrong?” Jennie asked when he’s infront of her.

“Weren’t you the little girl who always see me playing back then? In Hajung-dong, Mapo-gu… I was still in middle school.”

Jennie smiles, “You remember?”

“Bobby-ssi, don’t cheat!” GD shouts and everyone’s laughing.

Jennie look around, “One more goal, I’m yours.” She said.

Bobby’s back to the court, receiving the ball from Seungri he position himself on three points range.


Crowd cheering and Jennie nervously clapping.

Bobby turned around, he waved his hand, signalling her to run to him.

Jennie run and Bobby lift her up, she wraps her legs around him, hold his shoulders, looking down while Bobby hug her waist.

“I’m here to claim my present.” He said.

“This is embarassing…” Jennie bit her lip.

Bobby smiling, “damn it, Jen…” his heart thumping and it’s too late not to realize how he’s in love with this girl.

“Close your eyes!” she said.

He closes it along with the feeling of hands cupping his face, then a soft lips touching slowly on his.

Crowds clapping and going crazy, that’s when he knew he won her.

And this is the best victory he ever had.




“You gave me choco pie when I was still a trainee, I was only 10 back then, I went home, exhausted and on my way I, met you, you came to me and told me that I looked too skinny then you gave me choco pie, you said I have to be healthy and eat well. After that I always watched you playing basketball in the park.”

“Aren’t that the scenario Bo manager told me? are you trying to fool me with a make up story?”

“No, that’s true, the story Bo manager told you was made by me, I told him to use that scenario because it was true.”

“What about the conversation in our friend’s event?”

“That one also true, but not last year, it was one year after my debut, my cousin, who was also your school friend—Jinan oppa—you know him?”

“Ah Jinan, yes, I remember.”

“He moved to Japan and he threw a farewell party, we were there, no one talked to me because I was an idol, nor anyone asked me for some pictures because I wasn’t so famous yet.”

“Did I talk to you? Like in the story?” Bobby asked.

“No you didn’t, you were busy talking to your classmates.”

Bobby smiles while Jennie talking, they’re sitting on the comfy couch inside their cottage. Bobby pull her closer and rest his arm on her shoulder.

“Are you sure you’re not watching me before I gave you choco pie?”

“I often sat there in the park before home, because whenever I reached home, my mom will asked me to go straight to bath, clean up and doing homeworks for school. I’m tired.” She leaning on him. “But I do saw boys and sometimes Jinan oppa playing basketball, I just hadn’t notice you yet.”

Bobby runs his fingers between her soft hair.

“Now tell me why you were trapping me into this fake dating game?”

“Because… I want to be closer to you, you were my savior back then.”

“So you purposely came to DKoffee?”

“Ah that one…” Jennie said, “it was a miracle, it was a beautiful coincidence.”

“It wasn’t on your scenario?”

“Jennie laughs, “No, oppa, I was just finished filming in a coffeeshop near there, Bo man was supposed to be with me but there’s a miscommunication between Bo man and other manager, even my body guard wasn’t there. So I walked towards the parking area near the park, people are looking at me but I tried to be as cool as I can be, but I failed, I was frightened when someone was following me but he didn’t keep distance, he tried to touch me several times, so I decided to went inside DKoffee…” she explains,

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