Love and Fall
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“I don’t remember Jennie ever say anything about this guy…” Jisoo mumbled when she and the other three girls are sitting at the coffeeshop inside their company building.

“Me neither.” Lisa said while sipping her latte, “but I think Jennie already like him when we were singing for KBL opening ceremony.”

“We sang for the opening ceremony?” Rose asked.

“Yahh! Don’t say that you forget about it.” Lisa said.

“Which one?” Rose asked.

“About two year a go I think.”



“Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa… get ready in the backstage, we have three minutes!” Bo manager shouts as he also got instructions from the stage manager.

“Unnie, how’s my hair?” Jennie asked Jisoo.

“Good.” Jisoo smiles.

“My face? My make up, everything good?”

Jisoo raised her eyebrows, “its so unusual that you care too much about your appearance… is it because we’re gonna perform in front of those muscle-y men?” Jisoo pointed at the basketball players sitting at the bench of their own team corners.

“Nooo…!!” Jennie scoffed.

Then some cheeleaders passing.

“But I’m definitely better looking than those cheers, right?” she murmured.

Blackpink performed their songs energetically with perfection, and after their performance Lisa caught Jennie stealing some glances to one of the team’s corner.

End of flashback




Jennie slips and grabs Bobby as she falls. Bobby fell above Jennie but manage to protect her head from hitting the wooden floor.

“Are you o—“ Bobby gulped when he saw her face only centimeters away from him.

Jennie turned her face away, “Oppa…” Jennie said, “what are you doing? Move away, you’re heavy!!”

“Ah Sorry, sorry.” Bobby got up, he could see it clearly that her ear is red. “So… uh.”

Suddenly Jennie’s cellphone rang.

“Oh, Lisa, what’s up?” she asked. “I’m in Cheongdam, in Bobby oppa’s apartment, hmm, come here pick me up. Ok? Okay I’ll wait, hmm, thanks, see you.”

“Lisa doesn’t know you have apartment here?”

Jennie shook her head, “It’s your apartment.”

“Oh, yeah, I know, I mean—”

“No, she doesn’t know.” She cuts him while throwing herself on the couch, “Aghhh… sooo sleepy.”

“Then why don’t you just sleep here?” Bobby asked while sitting beside her.

Jennie flinching her eyes, “No, thank you… we haven’t reach that stage yet, oppa…” she whispers.

Bobby clears his throat.


Lisa  calls around 15 minutes later and Bobby had to help Jennie walk to the car because she’s still too drunk.

“Thank you Lisa-ssi, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t drive her home.” Bobby said. “Also I’m sorry that she’s very drunk, she finished almost one bottle of wine for herself…”

“Don’t worry Bobby-ssi, we live at the same building.” Lisa smiles.

“You two are roomates?” Bobby asked while helping Lisa fasten Jennie’s seatbelt.

“I can do it by myseeewfff…!” Jennie mumbled.

“Shussh!” Lisa said, “No, Bobby-ssi, we’re not roomate, my unit is one floor above Jen’s”

“Ah, ok, so… safe drive, ladies.” Bobby grinned.

Lisa move her car leaving Bobby.

“Stop pretending that you’re drunk. “Lisa said.”

“What?? I’m n—“

“One bottle of wine, Kim Jennie, who are you to fool me??” Lisa said. “You use wine to be able to sleep every night, I repeat, every night! You resistance of that particular drink is so high that even your body will think its non-alcohol.”

Jennie suddenly sat up, “Alright, alright.”

Lisa smiles, “Now tell me why?”

“Why? Well…” Jennie paused. “I just…”

“You’re nervous?”

“I’m not! The hell? I’m Jennie.”

Lisa scoffed

“No, seriously, I just don’t want him to think that I have alcohol problem, girl, he just had one glass of wine that barely sipped! He’s very healthy, you should see his fridge, my Gosh, avocado, banana, protein bar… the hell?”

Lisa laughs, “Really?”

Jennie just rolled her eyes, “yeah.”

“Hey, by the way, I think I remember I saw you two years a go looking at him whe we were performing at the KBL opening ceremony.”

“Ah, that? When? I don’t remember…” Jennie

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