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Love and Fall
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“Kimbab, won’t you explain to me?” Hanbin sat beside him at the locker room.

“You’re still curious?” Bobby chuckles.

“Everybody does.”

Bobby paused, he remembers all scenarios for any possible situations he needs from Bo manager’s note.

“I… uh… I’ve known her for so long, before her debut.”

“But her debut was 5 years a go, that means you knew her when she’s still in middle school?” Hanbin asked.

“Yeah, around that time, I was in high school and she… she always watch me playing basketball at the park near our neighborhood, she was still a trainnee back then, but then she had her debut and I never see her again.” Bobby smiles, trying to smile as genuine as he could, “And… then we met again, last year, in a friend’s event.”

“Friend? who? I think I know all your friends.”

Bobby laughs, “Ya! It—It’s a childhood friends.”

“Oh alright.”

Bobby took a deep breathe, he should’ve known that Hanbin is sharp.

“And then??”

“And then… uh… that time she was already a big star, no one comfortable enough talking to her, and also our friends who was trying to talk to her mostly only wanted to picture with her. It was a little pity of her… so I initiate a conversation, a real one, without intention to have pictures whatsoever. She said she saw me several times in a tournaments, she recognized me and wanted to greet me but she never had chance.”

“She recognize you? In tournaments? Then she also saw me since we’re always together, right? Right? I got notice by Jennie Kim??”

“Ya, Hanbin-ah, she’s my girlfriend, I can introduce you to her anytime, understand?”


Bobby paused, am I going too far? “o-of course I can, can’t i??”




Jennie push the elevator to her apartment where Bobby lives. She’s with Bo manager, miss Jung and some stylist and make up artist.

“What clothes he’d wear?” Jennie asked.

“I prepared casual Dior atelier limited design shirt, ripped jeans, and Dior B22 sneakers.” Miss Jung said.

“Sounds good,” Jennie nodded, when the elevator stops and opens at the desired floor, “what about me?”

“The one you tried yesterday plus the ‘it’ saddle bag for you.”

“No, I don’t want to wear the saddle bag, its too trendy, I bet people are all wearing that bag.” Jennie stepped out of the elevator.

“B-but…” miss Jung seems panicking.

“Just bring me my lady Dior, the one customized for me!” she said, “Gooo…. Hurry! Get bag—“

she paused when she saw Bobby out from shower.

“Omo!” he gasped and hold his towel tightly.

Jennie couldn’t look away from the semi-wet body in front of her with only towel hanging low on his waist.

“B-ssi! Oh my God, oh my God…” Bo manager drag Bobby to his room and close the door behind his back, “everything’s under control, Jennie~” Bo manager grinned.

Bobby went out from his room a short moment after, he’s already wearing his clothes prepared by Jung unnie.

“Maybe… you should install a door bell—“

“Why? This is a private apartment, not everyone have the code of the elevator, even a guest should call from downstair and we’ll sent the elevator for them.” Jennie ranting.

“I—well, I was just suggesting.” He chuckles.

Jennie stops and turn to scan him, nothing could go wrong with that kind of body, only shirt and ripped jeans, no shoes yet, but its already perfect. Jennie sighed, “Unnie, do his hair and make up, hurry!”

Jennie left to another room to change and got her hair and make up done.


“Let’s go, we’re late.”

Bobby who’s sitting in the sofa at the living room turn to see Jennie. And just like in the movie, everything goes in slow motion, a tight crop shirt with same exact color and model with the one Bobby wears falls perfectly on her waist line, followed by a short denim skirt hugging her slim hips.

"You look..."

"Pretty. I know." Jennie cut what's Bobby gonna say.

Bobby shrugged his shoulders.

“Aw~ you two look exactly like couple!” Bo manager smiles.

“Aren’t we look to casual?” Bobby asked.

"Nah, you look like the 'it' boyfriend." Jennie winked.

Bobby has to stop his heart from heart attack seeing that flirty wink.

“The event’s dresscode is casual: a day in park, it says.” Bo manager said.

“Ah, ok.” Bobby nodded.

“Ready?” Jennie asked.

Bobby nodded.


Flashes, camera clicking, and the sound of people rumbling are mixed at the red carpet. Moreover when Jennie get of from her car followed by Bobb

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