can we be together?

Love and Fall
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Jennie jumped in the car with cellphone on her ear.

“Okay, Friday, understood, okay, okay… see you.”

She hung up the call and turned to Bobby.

“Hey…” she shows her cheeky smile.

“How’s it going?” Bobby pull her head and kiss top of her hair.

“Going good, how are you?”

“Exhausted, confuse, but happy you’re here.” Bobby said.

“Tell me about it.”

“The training, I’m still confuse with their way of practice but I got Hanbin, he’s smarter than me in this situation so, we’ll survive.”

“Uh hum…” Jennie took her beeping cellphone.

“And it’s harder than my usual training so it’s kind of tiring…”

“Uh hum…”

“Are you listening?”

Jennie lift her head, “Of course, training can be so hard.”

Bobby exhaled and keep driving.

“By the way, Friday, would come with me?” Jennie asked.


“An event, private stage by Jaewon, my colleague artist but he’s still on indie label. He’s a rapper, I think he’s a good one, you’ll like his songs.” Jennie explained.

“Do you even know what kind of songs I like?”

Jennie paused, “hip hop?”

“Not every basketball player likes hip hop or RnB music, Jen…” Bobby smiles.

“So?” Jennie turned to him, “Tell me what kind of music you like?”

“Rock, soul, and a little funk.”

“Good one.” Jennie grins, “So you don’t like my music? It’s electric dance.”

Bobby laughs when Jennie pouts.

“Doesn’t matter, I like you, I’m dating you, not your music.”

“Aww~” Jennie trying to lean on Bobby but the car is Urus, SUV car from Lamborghini that it has big gap between the driver and passenger. “Arghh this gap is too big!”

Bobby laughs seeing her cuteness.

“By the way… uh talking about car, what did you mean by ‘the car is yours’?” Bobby asked.

“Oh, you don’t understand?”

Bobby shook his head.

“It’s for you, use it for your daily transportation.”

Bobby paused, “uh… thanks, but no, thanks.”


“I have my own city car, not a lambo obviously but enough to get me anywhere I need to go.”

“Oppa, it’s not like I’m giving it to you, just use it whenever you’re in cheongdam. Don’t you think it’s better for Joy is she could use your car while you use this?”

Bobby seems hesitated but he hates to kill the mood, he’s in happy mood meeting her after days of not seeing each other and he want today to be perfect.

“Okay.” He smiles.




“Kim Jennie!!” Jeawon greet her with a big tight hug, for sure, it’s not a pleasant thing to see by Bobby.

“I didn’t expect it would be so crowded in here.” Jennie said.

“The man got many fans here.” He winks to Jennie.

“With that kind of face? Who wouldn’t fall…” Jennie playfully scoffs.

“You.” Jaewon said, “you never fall for me.” He pouts.


Bobby just smiling.

“By the way, meet the one and only guy I fall for.” Jennie pull Bobby.

“Oh the boyfriend!” Jaewon said brightly, “hi!”

Bobby shook his hand, “Nice to meet you.”

“Enjoy the party, will ya?” Jaewon said.

“Will do.” Bobby nods.


“You seems close to him.” Bobby said.

“One of the closest person I have in YG, we went through training days together, he knew all my hardships.” Jennie said.

“Cool.” Bobby said, “You seems to like him so much that since yesterday you keep rambling about how nice and talented he is.”

Jennie nodded, “Yes, I like him that much.”

Bobby paused. “Okay.”

Jennie took a drink for her and Bobby. “Also he was winning some survival shows, with that kind of cute face people will think he’s going to be in a boyband as their visual, but no, he choose to be a rapper and soloist.”

Bobby sip his drink, he stops at the canape table and took some foods.

“Hey, oppa, you ate a lot, don’t you care about the calories and everything?” Jennie asked as she saw him munching.

“Oh right, I should taking care of my own self since my girlfriend care only about Jaewon-ssi.” Bobby said.

Jennie paused, “Geez…”


“You were jealous all this time.” She giggling.


 “Oh Gosh, you’re too cute!” Jennie said.


“Oppa…” Jennie calls him


“Come here.” She wrap her arms around his neck.

“Jen, what are you doing? People are looking.”

“So what? I told the world we’re dating, and we are dating right now… it will be very normal if…” she pull him closer, “I…” closer, “Kiss you…”

Jennie tilt her head and bring her lips touching his, she press it gently but strict. Bobby hug her waist and pressing his bidy against her, he slightly parting his lips only to caught Jennie’s lower lips trapped between his.

It’s in the corner near the backstage, they sure people are somehow looking, maybe tried to steal some pictures or videos, but who cares when you got your loved ones between your arm and their lips between yours.


“Maybe I should stay with you so you don’t have time getting closer to other idols.” Bobby said when they just arrived home.

“I like that idea.” Jennie slips herself and leaning on him. “but… don’t act like you don’t have any groupies there, a national team basketball player…” she scoffed, “must be having lots of girls cheering for you from the side of the court.”

Bobby shrugged his shoulder, acting ignorant.

“Not to mention the cheerleaders.” Jennie added.

“Hmm… yeah, those girls in cheerleader outfit surely cute, right?” Bobby said while hugging her.

Jennie release herself, “Yeah, sure! Cute!” she walks away but Bobby caught her wrist.

“Where you t

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